Marmitek BabyView 725: Wireless Monitoring for your Digital Home

While many baby monitors have moved to work with mobile apps, Marmitek’s latest creation has opted to use it’s own touch screen monitor.

The Marmitek BabyView 725 uses digital transmission to provide a secure and interference free audio and video link. The camera is mains powered while the monitor uses a rechargeable battery do it and can be easily moved around, sited up to 150 metres from your baby. Parent get an audible warning when the unit is out of range and also when the temperature goes above or below the set limits.

The Marmitek unit is sound activated (with adjustable sensitivity) which the makers say minimises radiation in the room as well as saving energy. You can override this if you prefer for continuous monitoring.  An automatic infrared night vision function allows you to see baby in the dark as well as remotely switch the night light on and off.

Finally the Talkback function means you can talk to baby and even play a lullabies without entering the nursery.

You can expand the system with extra cameras (up to a maximun of 8) and extra monitors too. The Marmitek BabyView 725 set is available now for around £110 (monitors and camera available separately for around £65)  : Baby Video Monitors on Amazon

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