Marmitek BoomBoom 75 Bluetooth Music Receiver

Marmitek BoomBoom 75 Bluetooth Music receiver

The new Marmitek BoomBoom 75 Bluetooth Music receiver allows you to play music from your smartphone to your hi-fi system.  It can remember up to 8 different Bluetooth devices and you can use it to give you a similar experience to Apple AirPlay.

You could, for example, watch a movie on an iPad whilst sending the audio to your HiFi.  Being battery powered (and charged by USB) we can see a use for this in car too if you have an AUX In that you want to upgrade to Bluetooth. Read on for the price and specs.

“It is very easy to upload an impressive music collection to your smartphone or tablet but, until now, you have had to physically connect your smartphone to your sound system via a cable if you want to listen to your music and enjoy great sound quality.

Marmitek, the specialist when it comes to smart solutions in and around the house, is now able to offer a much simpler alternative.  Stream your music via Bluetooth from your music source, such as the iPhone, Android phone, iPad etc., to your audio installation. This works with all audio installations, iPhone dock or radio/CD-players with aux-in, line-in or mp3 connection. As a result, you can keep your smartphone to hand and continue to scroll, shuffle and play from the comfort of your armchair.

How does it work? – Use the Marmitek BoomBoom 75 Bluetooth Music receiver in order to make your audio installation Bluetooth-compatible. This is a Bluetooth receiver that connects to your audio installation. And that’s it!  You can register up to 8 devices on the BoomBoom 75 Bluetooth Music receiver. This allows you to stream music from all of the smartphones in your house or from a tablet or any other Bluetooth-equipped device.

There are other possibilities too!

  • Watch films on your tablet PC with great sound by wirelessly connecting the tablet to the audio installation.
  • Listen to internet radio or Spotify without having to switch on the computer.
  • You no longer have to put your MP3 player in the docking station. Just keep it to hand and change the track or volume from the comfort of your armchair.
  • Take the receiver with you when you visit friends and plug it in so that you can enjoy your music together.
  • The BoomBoom 75 Bluetooth Music receiver is a universal and reasonably priced alternative to Airplay (Airport Express).”

The BoomBoom 75 Bluetooth Music receiver costs just €34.95 / GBP31.95.  :  Belkin BlueTooth Music Receiver

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