My TV Remote Brings IR Control, EPG and Social Networking to your iPhone

One for our US cousins this time – the ‘My TV Remote’ iPhone app combines a universal remote control for TVs and set-top boxes with a TV program guide and social networking.

The app requires a hardware IR dongle that plugs into the audio jack of your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. When you activate the IR functionality from inside the App ($9.99) you will get the IR transmitter posted to you for free.

“The My TV Remote App transforms iPhone and iPod touch devices into an intelligent remote control for televisions and cable and satellite set-top boxes. My TV Remote provides the end-user with an experience that is both efficient and fun.

My TV Remote supports all versions of the iPhone including 3G and 3GS phones and iPod touch media players. The application is free to download and install directly from the United States App Store. To download it, go to the US App Store and search for either “My TV Remote” or for “RYZ Media” to locate it with ease.

Controlling televisions and set-top boxes is performed using an external device, an infrared plug-in, which connects to the headphones socket. The device can be ordered from Generating infrared output is dependent upon activation of infrared functionality using the in-app purchase via the App Store. This can be done from the Setting tab in the application, see detailed instructions below. After activation of this functionality, the App will refer the end-user to the website above for acquisition of the transmission device.

Using the device, the application can generate an infrared signal to the television and set-top box to remotely control them. The application emits sound through the headphone socket, which the infrared device translates into an infrared signal. Therefore, to optimize the device’s functionality, point it towards the television or set-top box. Also, it is recommended to maximize the volume of the headphones socket when using the App.”

2 Comments on "My TV Remote Brings IR Control, EPG and Social Networking to your iPhone"

  1. Richard Wallace | July 21, 2010 at 8:30 am |

    I can’t understand who would plugin a IR device to their iPhone, I’d rather a device that connects to a wireless network and is operated that way.

  2. Roger Emote | July 23, 2010 at 11:16 am |

    Will someone please stop with the social networking. I don’t want my friends to see what I’m watching. If I want to I’ll tell them.

    I understand the idea, but i’m getting a bit tired of every gadget maker attaching this stuff on.

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