New Dynlite 8 Channel DIN Rail Module

Dynlite have announced an new 8-channel multipurpose DIN rail module…”Dynalite’s modular DDMC802 heralds a new wave in intelligent design.

Developed specifically for the residential automation market, the 8 channel multipurpose device provides a range of control technologies; leading edge & trailing edge dimming, switched on/off relay control & ballast control in the one convenient unit.

The contemporary housing design allows for greater heat dissipation, reducing stress on internal components, increasing product longevity and providing greater load capacity in an easy to install DIN Rail device. This allows the DDMC802 to be able to be used for a wide variety of applications and reduces the overall number of load controllers required on a project… The removable front panel provides device reset, channel override and programming capability without removal of the switchboard cover and subsequent exposure of electrical wiring. The result is a unit that is easier to commission, easier to service and easier to reprogram.
The DDMC802 accepts up to 8 module cards (with a maximum load per channel of 2A) from the following list:

  • DDLM102 1 x 2A leading edge phase control module, suitable for incandescent lamps and some types of dimmable electronic transformers
  • DDTM102 1 x 2A trailing edge phase control module, suitable for use with most types of dimmable electronic transformers
  • DDRM102 1 x 2A relay module, suitable for switched loads
  • DDBM100 1 channel ballast module, suitable for controlling DALI, DSI & 1-10V ballasts and transformers (a relay module must be paired with a HF ballast module when controlling 1-10V ballasts)”

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