New Idratek DFP-H02 Multifunction Module

Idratek DFP

IDRATEK have provided us with some photos of their (now in production) multifunction user interface module – the £228 DFP-H02. This device is the replacement for the MFP range and provides the same comprehensive range of sensors including light level, temperature, humidity, PIR, general purpose digital inputs, an IR transceiver and audio I/O, but there the similarities end.

“The DFP-H02 sports a snazzy new look and incorporates an LCD display with fully dimmable RGB backlighting. The number of buttons has been increased to allow full 10 digit entry and LCD softkeys. And in keeping with the overall theme the buttons are backlit with individually controllable and dimmable red/blue LEDs. More than just providing a pretty look the variable lighting capabilities of the LCD and buttons can be used to good effect for context indication and at a glance status feedback.

Four relay drive output lines are now provided by means of two connectors at the rear. A separate dual channel relay plug in accessory is available (XRM-001).

Like all IDRATEK modules the DFP-H02 functionality, including what is displayed, is user configurable. However default behaviours and menus are provided by Cortex. Also like other modules internal firmware can be updated in-situ meaning that new enhancements can be easily passed on to existing customer installations.

With its range of sensors and its comprehensive user interface the DFP-H02 is an ideal primary module for placement in the main rooms of a property.

Due to the delays that beset this project and the need to satisfy a backlog of orders before opening up supplies more widely, publicity has been muted so far. Our main web pages will not be updated with details of the DFP-H02 for a few days yet. However readers interested in additional detail can refer to the advance data sheet.  Anyone interested in purchasing these modules in the near future is advised to contact IDRATEK with their estimated requirements since demand at this stage is already high and production schedules are tight.”

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3 Comments on "New Idratek DFP-H02 Multifunction Module"

  1. I have been shown pics of this unit before and have been waiting in eager anticipation. Can’t wait to get hold of a unit and plug it into my Idratek system. I am sure it will excel as all my dealings with Idratek so far have been very pleasing

  2. Paul – what about submitting a review of the new unit to Automated Home once you get it fitted? 🙂



  3. Sure will do, although I have a history of buying things and then take ages to install them ;o)

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