New Way to Control Your Home Online

Bye Bye Standby have released official photos and more information on their new web interface module.  This device allows remote control of circuits in yor home, from anywhere in the world via the web.

“Bye Bye Standby Online is a brand new web based system enabling you to control appliances and manage your home or office energy usage from a remote location.

Bye Bye Standby Online is latest addition to the Bye Bye Standby energy saving range – an affordable and integrated array of products aimed at encouraging people to reduce their carbon footprint and save energy within their home/ work environment.”

With Bye Bye Standby Online…
• Control appliances from any Internet browser.
• Make your home look lived in while you are away.
• Monitor your energy usage and remotely switch off appliances not in use.
How it works…
1. Plug in the network cable and power cable to the Bye Bye Standby® Controller.
2. Plug the appliance you wish to control into a Bye Bye Standby® Smart Socket.
3. Go to  Create and account, log in and register your controller.
4. Run the “add new device” wizard to add the Bye Bye Standby® Smart Sockets.
5. Set up is complete – you can now control your appliances remotely!

Technical Information
• Wireless technology (433mhz)
• Uses standard Internet and Web protocols to seamlessly integrate into all broadband
• Java Mobile Phone application, runs on MIDP 2.0 / J2ME using GPRS/3G connection.
Key Features
• Control your home/ office from your mobile phone or any web browser worldwide
• Easy installation – plug and play system requires no PC or software installation at
home (one power connection, one network connection – no further wires)
• Control your energy consumption by remotely switching off appliances not in use
• Schedule repetitive actions (e.g. switch lights on when returning from work.)
• Combine multiple actions (e.g. turn all lights off at the touch of one button.)
• Create scenes by linking two or more actions (e.g. when lights are switched on in
the evening the curtains could close)
• Fully expandable – compatible with an extensive range of smart sockets, security
and media applications and controllers

BBSB Online Energy Control Kit including 3 months subscription – £84.99 inc VAT
BBSB Online Controller including 1 month subscription – £49.99
(You also need to buy BBSB Energy Saving kit @ £29.99 to make this work as no sockets included).
BBSB Energy Saving Kit available from Simply but also now in Comet, Currys, Amazon, E-Buyer and selected Waitrose stores

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