NexGen Launches Xray Remote Extenders – People Control Stuff Through Walls

Xray RF Remote

The idea of creating a battery with a built in RF transmitter to convert your IR remote to something that would work through walls has been around since 2004.

Now NexGen have announced two new systems that work up to 40 metres away from your equipment.  The Xray Remote Extender (£59) and the enhanced Genius Remote Extender (£69) that will operate multiple Sky boxes individually for example.  Check out the full PR details and video after the jump.

“NexGen Launches Duo of Xray Remote Extenders – Runcorn, Cheshire, UK May 23, 2011— NexGen, an innovative provider of unique product solutions for the a/v markets, announced two new Xray Remote Extenders that both take ordinary remote controls and give them powerful RF capability. By simply replacing one of the remote’s AA or AAA batteries with a supplied battery transmitter, the user can now go from room to room and control components up to 100’ away, all without the need for direct line of sight. The Remote Extender technology even works behind closets and cabinet doors.

Originally introduced in the U.S. in 2004 and using patented technology, the original Remote Extender has undergone continuous improvement over the years. Recent upgrades though were significant enough to merit a new model name and NexGen now calls this upgraded product the “Plus”. The new and improved Remote Extender (£59.00) features a high-speed chipset to work with virtually every remote on the market, extended range to work in virtually any home, UL listed batteries and a green power supply that reduces power consumption.

The Genius (£69.00) has all of the features of the Remote Extender Plus with the addition of the smart receiver that can select from 256 codes that can now control up to 256 same-brand components independently. The Genius receiver features a new sleek design with two emitter outputs for 56k and 38k or both for 38k. There are also two 2/3 AAA battery charging slots.

The Genius is ideal for high-end residential installations with multiple systems such as apartments and high-rise condos as well as numerous light commercial venues such as sports bars, dentist offices, dealer showrooms etc. The Genius also features UL approved 2/3 AAA batteries and an energy-efficient green power supply.

The Xray Remote Extenders are shipping now and will be on demonstration at CEDIA Home Technology Event, Stand # D7,June 28-30, 2011 at the London Excel.

Key Features

  • Works with most AA and AAA remotes
  • Receiver has built-in charger, comes with (2) 2/3 AA specially-sized rechargeable batteries
  • Genius provides advanced multi-component use. Ideal for a wide range of applications
  • (2) emitter outputs (56k & 38k or both 38k)
  • Single-eye IR emitter included. Numerous optional accessories available
  • Green energy-efficient power supply  :  Other Remote Extenders

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