O2 Home – Smart Home Technology for the Clueless?

Last week UK mobile operator O2 launched their home automation service. O2 recon they’ve found a market based on findings like this…

New research announced today reveals that despite a massive 73% of people interested in future proofing their homes with smart technology, only 5% are currently planning to install it in 2016.

They will setup the system for you and promise the ability to see what’s going on when you’re away from home with O2 Home cameras, get notifications when the kids get back from school, and arrive back to a cosy warm home with a smart thermostat

You’ll need to be an O2 Home customer to use the system which looks to be based around Z-Wave and 6LoWPAN with offerings things like the Fibaro Flood Sensor, Yale Door locks and Tado heating controller.

There are 3 ‘packs’ available offering different levels and features as follows…

O2 Home Packages

Maybe you don’t need this service from O2 or you maybe you are a technophobe prepared to pay a monthly sub in return for someone to set you up a basic smart home system for you? Check out the link below for more info…


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