Plex for Samsung TVs and Blu-ray Players

We’re getting pretty tired of waiting (and waiting) for LG to update the ST600 firmware so the Plex Media Link app can actually play the popular video formats we all use.

It’s entirely possible that the lack of love LG are showing the ST600 may even mean it’s hurtling towards being cancelled!  That would be pretty sad as it’s never even got the chance to show what it can do yet.

Meanwhile back at the ranch we’re looking around again for that magic £99 box to bring our Plex library to secondary zones around the house (bedrooms etc).  The guys working on Plex for Samsung have made great progress and their widget is looking really polished.  Perhaps best of all, in addition to Samsung TV’s it also works on Series C and Series D Samsung Blu-Ray players which you can pick up for as little as £89.  Check out the video of Plex for Samsung…

‘Welcome to Plex for Samsung TV’s / BD-Player’s – With this widget it is possible to watch your Movies and TV-Shows, which are organized by your Plex Media Server (PMS) , on your Samsung TV / BD-Player (C-Serie / D-Serie).  If your TV/BD-Player has Internet@TV or SmartHub you should be able to install this widget.  If you are thinking about to buy a new TV / BD-Player because of this widget I highly recommend you to get one from the D-Serie.

Feature List:

  • Browsing through your Movie and TV-Show library
  • Watching your Movies and TV-Shows
  • Audio output will be set automatically to Dolby Digital, DTS or PCM depending what your video files have
  • While you watch you can fastforward and fastrewind (2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x)
  • If you want to watch more than just one episode, enable autoplay and it will automatically start the next episode
  • Saving your progress from your Movies and TV-Show episodes (even when you are watching every 20sec)
  • Continue your Movies and TV-Shows from where you stopped them
  • Will set your Movies and TV-Shows as watched when you finished them
  • Theme music will be played when you enter the TV-Show (you can disabled it in the settings)
  • You can set a Movie, TV-Show season or a single episode as watched/unwatched”

Samsung Blu-ray Players  :  Plex for Samsung  :  ST600 Beta Firmware?

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3 Comments on "Plex for Samsung TVs and Blu-ray Players"

  1. Nate Thelen | October 12, 2011 at 3:37 pm |

    Will it bitstream True-HD and DTS-HD or convert to LPCM if those formats are in the file? How about picking an audio track and subtitles? What files formats does it support?

  2. Nice one mark, just installed Plex on the Samsung blu ray I bought after reading this….. Awesome, especially the online install, so easy !

    Plex has won me over, well now it has a windows client too 🙂

  3. Darren – good to hear, thanks for letting us know.


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