Samsung Unveil Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Samsung have just revealed their new Galaxy Gear Smartwatch at IFA in Berlin. The new wearable device will be available in 149 countries on 25th September and world wide in October.

  • Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch“Crafted with Stainless Steal”
  • Cost around £200?
  • 1.63″ AMOLED display with 320 x 320 res
  • 25 Hour Battery Life
  • Built in gyro and accelerometer
  • Ships with Android 4.3
  • Will only work with other Samsung products with 4.3
  • “The strap is packed with technologies of the next decade”
  • 16 Colours Available
  • Swipe screen to switch functions, tap to select
  • “Smart Relay” syncs what you are viewing on the watch with your phone
  • Answer you calls by raising your hand to your ear – mic & speakers built into watch
  • “S Voice” Speak commands to make calls etc
  • Built in “Memographer” 1.9mp camera to capture “visual memos”
  • Gear will run its own Apps (>70 available at launch)

So will you be buying the Samsung Smartwatch or do you prefer Google Glass.  Or will you be waiting to see what Apple have to offer in the wearable category. Let us know in the comments below.

Galaxy Gear

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2 Comments on "Samsung Unveil Galaxy Gear Smartwatch"

  1. This certainly gives credibility to the existence of a market for a smartwatch.

    But is it enough? The form factor looks a little too thick and the battery life is woeful. The apps are currently a bit too sporty for me, too.

    So a good attempt, but not being an Android user, I shall have to wait to see what Apple have in mind for their iTok (or whatever it’s going to be called!)

  2. Always makes sense to wait. All early adopters get screwed.

    With the Gear, Samsung deserve to fail.

    They have made it compatible only with Samsung products and then only with their latest.

    I will NOT be updating my handset for this.

    Samsung have become arrogant – reminds me of Apple in their boom-time.

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