SMS Text Message Controlled Heating Programmer and Thermostat

Here’s another interesting smart home heating controller that just hit our inbox.  The £180 PT32-GST from Audon Electronics is a room programmer and thermostat and allows you to control your home heating system with SMS Text messages.

Available from Audon Electronics Ltd, the PT32-GST can control your central heating system in your home by using your mobile phone from anywhere in the world. Simply send a text message when you want your heating to come on, go off or even change the temperature set-point.

The PT32 GSM is a room programmer / thermostat that receives text messages, just like a mobile phone, which it uses to control your heating. It acts just like a standard programmer / timer too, with programmed on/off times and temperatures that you can change manually, but it can also receive text messages from your phone to switch between auto and manual modes, to switch the heating on and off and to remotely set the required room temperature.  :  Smart Home Heating Articles  :  Our Heating Control Forums

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