Tiny New Linutop 4 Fanless Atom PC Launched

Linutop 4

It’s more than four years since we found the first Linutop PC.  Now in it’s fourth generation the new Linutop 4 is more powerful, smaller and even more energy efficient.  The miniature, silent fanless PC is now powered by a 1.6 GHz Intel ATOM and uses solid state flash memory instead of a spindle.  The result is great performance and yet less than 14 Watts in use…

Linutop 4: Silent, the newest and most powerful Linutop PC provides an unprecedent Internet surfing experience with a minimum power consumption.

Linutop 4 is a ready-to-use small PC, designed to reduce maintenance costs. Compact, powerful with a 1.6 GHz fanless Intel ATOM processor, linutop 4 is perfect for professional use without maintenance, public internet access, office applications, digital signage. With a low maintenance cost and secure system, it fits the most demanding and extreme environments: hotels, restaurants, banks, displays, shops, museums, waiting rooms and public locations.

The 2GB of internal flash memory replaces the hard drive and without cooling fan Linutop 4 offers a compact, silent and secure operation, improving energy efficiency (<14Watts) and reliability. A new security feature can lock the Linutop Operating System and protect the flash memory from wearing out by limiting write cycles. Once set up the Linutop software is protected. In lock mode, linutop can recover its state at each startup, minimizing maintenance costs.

Linutop 4 is small enought to be attached on the back of a VESA 10 cm saving space on a desktop. It has 5 USB ports, one VGA and one DVI.

Linutop 4 - Rear

Linutop 4 is powered by the new Linutop OS based on the latest long term service Ubuntu version ‘Lucid Lynx’, delivered with ready-to-use Linux software, including Firefox, Open Office and VLC Media player and linutop Kiosk.

Linutop 4 menu and Kiosk Configuration allows a quick and simple configuration for a professional specific use, in secured public internet access, digital signage, network monitoring, thin client use, mini server and cost efficient desktop in virtualized environments.
Linutop 4 operating system is one of the few USB-Bootable OS, giving it more flexibility.

It can be fully backed up and run on a USB Key, simplifying the duplication of the same configuration (OS and applications) on several Linutop PCs. This interesting feature is a time saver for deployment, and can also be used for mass installation.


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  1. Nice, but €380 is a bit pricy… 🙁

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