Video: Big Plex Update for Music Lovers

Not only is Plex available almost on any device these days, the team continues to expand the media servers features, whilst making things even more automated.

Todays update brings a raft of new enhancements for music lovers including the ability to build a smart play list off a single track (a la Genius Mixes), automatic linking and streaming of related music videos and integration with Gracenote’s sonic fingerprinting for those messy untagged files.

We’ve added rich multi-select, full access to edit things like disc and track number, and the ability to quickly delete whole albums or artists. You can easily move tracks between albums, albums between artists, and merge albums and artists. Multi-select features have been highly requested, and of course you can use them to set genres on multiple movies at the same time too, for example. We’ve also finally added multi-disc support, and we’ve added some new filters and sorts for music (play count, date played, rating).

You can check out all the details on what’s supported on which platforms at launch in the Plex Blog and head on over to the link below if you’ve not already tried Plex (what’s the matter with you!) 🙂  :  Our Plex Mac mini Server Setup

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