Video: Loxone’s New Presence Sensor

A few weeks ago Loxone quietly added a brand new Presence Sensor to their home automation range.

In addition to the Infrared Movement and Brightness circuitry, this new device has a built-in acoustic sensor (is that different to a microphone?) to help tell if a room is occupied.

Having had several implementations of lights based on movement in our old house over the years, I can appreciate anything that reduces the requirement to wave your hands in the air when the lights go out unexpectedly.

While this new sensor is not infallible, it allows things like people talking or the sound from a TV to help decide if a room is still occupied. Along with other sensors and the powerful logic capabilities of the Loxone Config programming application, it can help make these kinds of decisions based on multiple inputs too.

Loxone Presence Sensor

The surface mount Presence Sensor Tree (part number 100422 in white & 100423 in anthracite) has a detection angle of 360° horizontal and 110° vertical giving an 8m detection field at a ceiling height of 3m.

Believe it or not, with motions sensors, you have to move around for them to pick you up. Yes, with Loxone you can extend the time out parameters to suit the way a room is used, – but we recognised room for improvement here… For example, in non-traditional room layouts or where the occupants might not move for some time or where the occupants might not be in the direct field of view of the motion sensors.

In line with us constantly working to identify areas of improvement in our products for residential and commercial building automation – we’ve developed a Presence Sensor that has a built-in acoustic sensor! This is in addition to infrared and brightness sensors.

Check out the video and the link below for more details.

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