Weather Station Home Automation

Weather Station Home Automation

Kevin from the xAP team has reported that Sandaysoft’s Cumulus weather reporting software has now added support for xAP in its latest release – v1.8.3.  That means you can now integrate your weather station data with the rest of your home automation systems.  The software supports the RF Weather station currently on offer from Maplin for £69.99

“Just to let people know that Sandaysoft who author the very capable Cumulus weather reporting software has now added xAP support in v1.8.3 . Additionally the application supports the Maplin RF based weather system which is currently on offer for £70 (even less with your vouchers).  Seems a very well featured piece of software and nicely priced hardware –

“The large LCD touchscreen makes the operation of the unit incredibly simple and allows comprehensive adjustment and correction for your location. The USB Wireless Weather Forecaster requires no connecting cable between the base station and the remote weather transmitting sensors, with a typical sensor range of 60m (200ft). It can also display historic data and within the menu you can select metric or imperial values.Included is a software programme that allows you to link your LCD panel to your PC via the included USB lead. From here you can not only programme the LCD panel, but you can also download stored data and then display it in data base format for keeping your own weather history.

Weather Station Home Automation

If you are in an area or situation where weather plays a critical part, then you can switch on an alarm that can be triggered by any of the data sensors.This weather station offers amazing value and comes with everything you need to set it up in the garden. All hardware is included and the only items you need to supply is a short mast (recommended Maplin code: BW45Y) to attach the external sensors, and 5 x AA batteries to power the base unit and external sensors. The system comprises large 23 x 14.5 x 3.5 cm LCD control panel, wind speed sensor, wind direction sensor, rain gauge, outside temperature sensor and transmitter, stub mast, sensor mounting arms, sensor cable harness, USB lead and PC software (not MAC compatible)”

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5 Comments on "Weather Station Home Automation"

  1. I think as a national network these could be very useful for predicting the weather for forecasters, like selling back electricity to the company’s from energy generators these could transmit weather data.

  2. not Mac compatible – pity that’s not said up-front …

  3. I think the equipment used for whether-forecast
    is a bit more accurate and expensive.

  4. Any news on Linux Support?

  5. James D Westoby | July 27, 2009 at 7:25 pm |

    I wrote a plugin for MediaPortal (also runs HomeSeer on the same server) for this.

    The company were very helpful in supplying data, the plugin isn’t perfect but then I seem to be the only one using it.

    I also interfaced this to HomeSeer so if I can be bothered I can do clever weather related automation….

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