Wireless Phone Jack

Wireless Phone Socket

Here’s a useful little device if you need a phone socket but can’t run a cable.  It’s especially interesting as it’s data friendly so you can use it for you PC, the modem in your Sky box, fax machine etc (approx 50m range).

The units use an upgrade of the DECT standard which increases its data rate from 9 Kbit/s to 56 Kbit/s to fully support V90 modems.  The transmitter receiver pair is £50 and additional receivers are available at £25.

“Who says you have to rewire your house just to add an extra phone jack? This wireless system lets you add a working phone jack anywhere there’s a power outlet. Just plug and play within a minute. This wireless device gives you a phone jack where you didn’t have one before. A perfect wireless solution for phones, modems, fax machines, satellite receivers or any other device requiring a phone connection.

50 meters of wireless phone line
Features: If you want an extra telephone socket in your home, you need to install wires and other equipment, which can be both an expensive and time-consuming affair. Telephone sockets are often in high demand in a home, whether it be for plugging in a telephone, fax machine, PC modem or even a set top box.

Extra connection
Features: The Wireless PHONE Jack is a perfect solution for when you need an extra connection. This well-designed plug can be inserted easily and directly into any power socket anywhere in your home without the need for any annoying or visible electrical wires. The Wireless PHONE JACK is a real wireless solution, offering a higher speed than standard power line communication technology.

1 minute plug and play installation

Features: The Wireless PHONE Jack makes installation extremely simple, since it is inserted directly into the power socket without incurring any extra installation costs. Installation time is therefore much quicker, since no physical electrical wires have to be installed. Just plug a Wireless PHONE Jack in and communicate – It’s simple and easy.

Reliable communication
Features: The Wireless PHONE Jack is based on the cordless DECT standard. The telephone jack uses DECT technology from RTX in a special configuration, enabling modem signals to be transmitted at speeds of up to 56 Kbit/s based on the V.34 and V.90 standards. This was not possible with DECT in a normal configuration, but with RTX as the unrivalled leader in DECT, we have been able to expand from the standard 9 Kbit/s to 56 Kbit/s.

Available from Amazon

distybox 300 phone adapter universal Adapter for analog corded telephones fax multifunction devices to DECT/GAP base stations or routers VoIP adapter analog phone adapter voip suppliers
  • The distybox 300 is an universal, cordless telephone adapter (DECT standard) for the operation of analog end devices on GAP capable DECT systems
  • With the easy-to-mount VoIP analog telephone adapter distybox 300, the location for household or office appliances can be selected independently of cable connections
  • Due to the versatile functionality of the DECT telephone extension socket, it is possible to connect many systems with RJ 11 plugs, such as door intercoms


  • Corded and cordless phones
  • Answering machines
  • Fax machines
  • PC modems
  • Satellite set top boxes
  • VoIP adapters

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  1. Can anyone tell me if I can run a PC with broadband with a jack plug, Thanks, Jim

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