New Remote From Yamaha


From – news of the Yamaha re-working of the Pronto remote – "It's official, Yamaha is releasing their own touchscreen LCD remote which appears to be a customized version of the Philips Pronto TSU2000 remote complete with code database. The Yamaha RAV-2000 features a new case design and rearrangement of hard buttons, but lacks a recharging station. The on-screen interface has been totally customized with new graphics and animations.

Although I did get to see a fully functional version at CES 2001 – which was actually quite snazzy – the one photographed was a dummy model and does not reflect at all what the real interface looks like. Suffice it to say it is quite different from the Pronto.
What is still yet to be seen is exactly what sort of software Yamaha will be providing, and how compatible its' files will be with existing models – and vice versa. What advanced feature set the RAV-2000 will include has also not been announced. The list price will be 9 with availability in May 2001."

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