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INCONTROL WEBCAM EDITION GOES 'PAY AS YOU GO'  You asked for it and we've done it – InControl Webcam Edition is now available subscription free! Just like the 'top up' cards you buy for your 'Pay As You Go' mobile phone.

"Our new 'e-vouchers' provide a quick and easy method of making the most of InControl but without the commitment! Each e-voucher provides a fixed number of credits which you can use as quickly – or as slowly – as you needs demand. Whether you buy one e-voucher a year or one a week, it doesn't matter – now you can quite literally pay as little or as much as you want and still get the same great InControl remote connection service!

InControl Webcam Edition is now supplied with 20 FREE connection credits (worth £5) which – when the software is first registered with our servers – will allow you to connect into your home 20 times. Once these credits have been used up, all you need to do is to buy additional 'e-vouchers' through our online ordering system (which, of course, you can do from anywhere in the world!) in order to gain connection credits.

Note that each £5 e-voucher will give you 20 connection credits and that connection credits do not expire. Even if you choose not to buy any additional e-vouchers, InControl Webcam Edition will continue to provide you with localised motion detection and recording, email notification of incidents plus full home automation control and scheduling. And if you then decide you'd like to dial into your home at a later date, just buy yourself an e-voucher and off you go! – it really is that simple!

Whether you're at home, work or away, InControl Webcam Edition is all you need to protect, control, view and automate your home or other property using the power of the Internet and a Windows PC from anywhere in the world! With it's sophisticated X-10 home automation control and state of the art realtime streaming video technology, InControl Webcam Edition will transform your property into the 'smart' home of the future!"

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