Intamac Home Manager

"Intamac Home Manager makes your home intelligent. Through the Home Manager you can now enjoy the full benefits of a 'smart' home for the price of a monitored alarm. A Northampton based company, Intamac Systems, have developed a way of remotely monitoring and controlling security systems using the Internet.

The service is simple, with no need for you to have Internet access or a computer within the home, just a standard telephone line. Your property's security alarm panel is connected to a telephone line and programmed to ring the Home Manager service. If the alarm is activated, the Home Manager will instantly relay a message to you using the phone, e-mail and text message. Not only will the Home Manager tell the customer that an alarm has been activated, it will highlight exactly which sensors have been triggered. If you can't respond, the Home Manager will automatically work through your nominated contacts. All events are constantly monitored and if no one responds, Intamac staff will intervene. You can subscribe to different levels of service (from £7.50 to £39.99 per month), and benefit from new levels of protection for your home and family, including:
* Round the clock automated monitoring of a property for any
alert including: Security, Fire or Personal Attack, Power failure, flooding, temperature or
other technical warnings
* A Personal Incident Manager to help deal with incidents (e.g. arrange for tradesmen to secure the property or help with reports for insurance claims)
* Notification by text message when your children get home(latchkey service)
* Internet access to the Home Manager giving you the ability to instantly change/update your account details from anywhere in the world.
* The option of a Securicor First Response Officer to attend
incidents when you are on holiday, or all year round if preferred.
* Remote X10 Home Automation via Internet browser or mobile phone. (only available to Visonic PowerMax panels)
(The above services depend on the sensors and alarm system you have fitted, and the Home Manager cover level you subscribe to).

The Home Manager can monitor any sensor that can link to an approved panel. Sensors that provide warnings of water leaks, and temperature are available, and new sensors, such as power failure sensors, are being sourced. Once installed, these sensors can be monitored and controlled through Home Manager. The Home Manager can currently connect to the Visonic PowerMax or the Scantronic 9750, 9850 and 8136 alarm systems. It is being extended to work with other alarm panels."


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