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HomeLife is Home Automation software that allows you to control your X10 devices via the Web, or interestingly with your phone using spoken menu options. A free version is available for download (limited to 4 devices)…

“Lifetime Software has released their latest version of HomeLife, their X10 Home Automation Software which allows you to take full control of your X10 devices. The Software includes an easy to use .Net Client interface, built-in web server for web access and an answer phone allowing access to X10 devices via a series of spoken menus.

Features include:

  • Easy to use .Net Client with “Windows Explorer” style interface.
  • Full range of X10 device actions.
  • Control devices via Web or Phone.
  • Play sounds and speech announcements.
  • Events for Sunset and Sunrise.
  • Runs in the background as a Windows service.
  • Manual and automatic EEPROM downloading of events.
  • Devices and events are grouped into logical zones for easy management.
  • Create user-defined modes.
  • Integrated answer phone with call logging with caller id.

HomeLife is available for free download (restricted to 4 devices until activated) at

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