HomeVision WAP Interface

HomeVision users now have the option of controlling their home using there cell phone and WAP – “LinuxHV is now capable of supporting WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) devices using Wireless Markup Language (WML) as well as the standard PC-based HomeVision HTML pages.

The HV WML capability allows web access to HV via cell phones and other WAP-enabled devices. The new web server will respond with the proper format (WML or HTML) automatically, depending on the type of device accessing the server.

The LinuxHV Web plugin serves up automatically generated decks (a WML “page”) that are equivalent to the HTML HomeVision pages. Decks are available that provide General Status, HVAC, X10, Macros, Flags, Variables, Timers, Scheduled Events, Periodic Events, IR, Inputs, Outputs, Analog Inputs, DTS, Event Log, Files, and Serial Commands access. These decks are designed to provide information and capabilities similar to their HTML counterparts, but are structured to accommodate the somewhat limited display and memory capabilities of most wireless devices”.

WAP is supported by LinuxHV version 0.87d and Web server plugin version 1.5a, which, along with updated descriptions to include WAP functionality, are available at The LinuxHV WEBSITE.

Detailed documentation and a sample WML deck can be downloaded from the HomeVision Users Group Files area .

Schelte Bron & Ron Boston

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