Video: openHAB the Open Home Automation Bus

Home Automation Systems and Technology Choices was our most visited page last year.

We’re constantly updating it and amongst recent new additions is the Open Home Automation Bus.

OpenHAB offers a contemporary open source home automation user interface that’s described as ‘vendor-neutral as well as hardware/protocol-agnostic’ as it runs on any platform supporting Java SE 7.

That means you can use it with a huge variety of hardware, anything from a regular PC down to devices like the Raspberry Pi.

The team have just announced that their v1.4 release is scheduled for early next month. Check out the video presentation below for a technical overview of openHab…

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2 Comments on "Video: openHAB the Open Home Automation Bus"

  1. OpenHAB looks mighty impressive, the sheer number of interfaces (bindings) looks to offer a huge number of options. The only problem I found was the over whelming complexity in actually setting it up and configuring the system and the lack of a GUI for that setup and config. I’ll certainly continue to watch the project with interest.

  2. Yeah, that’s what scared me away from it a while back… But I’ve now come full circle and am loving it so far!

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