TiVo TurboNet Card Now Available in UK


London based Home Automation e-tailer Laser.com have just received stock of the TurboNet TiVo LAN cards, TiVo Memory and the hard drive brackets!

"We have the following TiVo upgrade parts in stock:

TURBONET £55 + VAT *(1)

*(1) Comes with a bootable TiVo Boot Disk v2.6.

The stock has only just arrived this morning.

Visit Laser.com and search for "tivo".


2 Comments on "TiVo TurboNet Card Now Available in UK"

  1. Can you supply a turbonet card to allow me to connect my series1 Tivo to my router. If so can you advise cost to New Zealand and delivery?

  2. Hi Malcolm – try contacting http://www.laser.com

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