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  1. Automatic bypass Valve plan, your thoughts
  2. Evohome & Somfy
  3. Open window/door function
  4. HR92 Updates
  5. DT92E or DTS92E
  6. Control Panel Battery
  7. Converting Evohome Y-plan to use OpenTherm
  8. Help setting up a DTS92e to evohome system
  9. IFTTT control of Evohome
  10. Understanding the way the HM80 works with Evohome
  11. Turning Off An HR92
  12. Evohome Multi radiator per room bug or being clever?
  13. Evohome HR91s not triggering boiler to come on
  14. Resideo Honeywell replacement for the HM80 Mixer Valve Evohome device
  15. Evohome maintanence
  16. Evohome and multiple user geofencing - IFTTT Life360 support finished
  17. Evohome controller dropped
  18. Evohome DIY install check
  19. Apparently the controller has a "Day Off with Eco Until" Quick action
  20. Evohome went haywire 30 - 31 Jan
  21. Accuracy of Nest TPI control?
  22. Evohome cycle rate and other settings
  23. Introducing the HGI80 alternative - the latest DIY kid on the block
  24. Struggling Boiler
  25. Moved Evohome Controller now no hot water temperature.
  26. intergas Gateway and Evohome
  27. Evohome not so smart anymore? Look at drayton wiser
  28. HR92 gone to the dark side... anything I can do?
  29. Adding Evohome to Home Assistant
  30. Ghost Zone On APP and Web Access
  31. HR92 wildly inaccurate
  32. Alternarive solution to Evohome hot water sensor lost comms error
  33. Honeywell TR6 and API Access
  34. What's the best way to log room temps and set points - IFTTT?
  35. Anyone using Domoticz with Evohome OT + Outdoor Temperature + HGI80 (or similar)
  36. Evohome - excessive use of optimise start period
  37. Evohome latest firmware positive feedback
  38. Evohome / RAMSES-II protocol - device type 31?
  39. Heat pumps with evohome
  40. Cold weather boost on when not needed
  41. New on me but maybe not you?
  42. Hometronic FW upgrade
  43. Evohome Firmware Updates
  44. Evohome and OpenTherm boiler recommendations?
  45. Evohome, advanced load scaling and cold weather boost
  46. Expansion vessels and Evohome controls
  47. Domoticz
  48. Heat exchange unit controll through SANOFF MINI Smart Switch
  49. Viessmann 200W Combi Evohome
  50. OpenTherm VR33 and Vaillant ecoTEC plus 428
  51. HR92 doesn't consistently turn off the heating demand
  52. Honeywell Home's Total Connect Comfort - Alert: Failed Zone Change
  53. Hive vs Evohome
  54. (New) cool mode in Evohome
  55. Phantom Zone on totalconnect portal
  56. Latest firmware - Suggestions for migrating from non-optimised control
  57. Evohome - Boiler firing with no demand
  58. Outside temperature
  59. Adding unvented cylinder to combi?
  60. Humidity Allowance - HomeKit & Evohome
  61. EVOHome Build
  62. HCF82 or HR92 Sensor bead type and location on PCB
  63. Replacement Honeywell terminal blocks?
  64. Main zone turning off every day not turning back on
  65. HR92 or a deeper issue?
  66. BDR91 signal issues
  67. Vaillant flow temperature control for HW using Evohome/OT
  68. Evohome Opentherm Bridge Binding issue.
  69. Temperature sensor in honeywell trv
  70. Getting started with the SSM(R) instead of an HGI80
  71. Does the evohome controller have to take rechargeable batteries?
  72. Has "Eco" mode been broken?
  73. Evohome no longer showing outside temperature
  74. alpha pump flow rate not enough for some rads
  75. DT92E wireless thermostat and new Evohome Firmware
  76. Drayton Wiser Heat Radiator Thermostat battery life
  77. Viessmann 100W combi (2021 version ) Opentherm
  78. New Evohome user + new firmware + which TRV body?
  79. Could this 'simplified' setup actually work?
  80. Opentherm & Intergas
  81. Can't get one zone to heat up
  82. Evohome TPI and pump overrun
  83. Don't throw out faulty Evohome HR92s
  84. Intergas RF36 losing pressure!!
  85. Custom Programs
  86. Wiring bdr91's into a sundial wiring centre
  87. Replacing an Evohome HR92
  88. Replacing cylinder stat with CS92 - confused by old connection
  89. Adding Evohome CH & DHW BDR91s to old Sundial Y-Plan wiring centre
  90. Domoticz: Parsing Evohome log with, eg, Excel
  91. HR92 dial not working
  92. Warm weather saver logic?
  93. Grundfos alpha pump too slow on autoadapt, CP or PP settings
  94. Evohome Savings
  95. Boiler firing with little or no demand
  96. Still not received new Evohome firmware.
  97. Finished at last
  98. Heating came on at a unscheduled time
  99. EvoHome Fan Control
  100. T87RF crashes when temp reaches 32 degrees