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  1. Using Evohome Hot Water kit and Vaillant Unistor
  2. Solar gain / optimisation
  3. Fitting smart thermostat to a (very) old combi boiler!
  4. New TCC app version coming. . .
  5. Unoccupied rooms
  6. Radiator knocking
  7. Remote Access
  8. WiFi Interference
  9. 'S' Plan - Set Up. Port Valve or Wireless Relay?
  10. Just installed Evohome and Hotwater kit, heating coming on with hotwater??
  11. Lost System Communication
  12. Nest Opentherm with Veissmann System Boiler with Megaflow Cylinder
  13. Evohome : System enters in derogation mode even if nothing requested on the HR92s
  14. Biomass Boiler and Evohome - Do I need to control the Boiler?
  15. optimisation issue
  16. Evohome & Opentherm - flow temps UFH and radiator zones
  17. How to know which Evohome zone is calling for heat
  18. Green Euro symbol
  19. Open Door detection
  20. HR92 Batteries & Reporing
  21. Plinth heater & Evohome
  22. Wi-Fi controller
  23. Opentherm testing
  24. 6 Months in, my views of Evohome
  25. Shepherd Hut Heating/Cooling System Ideas?
  26. Evohome & Under Floor Heating
  27. Evohome Zoning Landing/Hallway
  28. Just noticed a small bug...
  29. evohome / SZT & IFTTT issue
  30. Controlling electric underfloor heating with a dedicated Evohome WiFi Controller
  31. Evohome Zone Going Over Setpoint Every 3Hrs
  32. Electric hot water cylinder control with ATF500DHW ?
  33. Evohome & Electric Underfloor Heating
  34. Honeywell Le Sucre
  35. System Boilers and Evohome
  36. Indigo Domotics Evohome Support
  37. No Heating at the Weekend (Evohome)
  38. Apple HomeKit
  39. Samsung Smartthings Integration with evohome now live
  40. Evohome how to fit HR92s to Giacomini TRVs
  41. Evohome + HGI80 & Domoticz users - zones calling for heat functionality?
  42. Evohome BDR91 connection with Worcester 28CDI
  43. Evohome Hot Water and boiler flow temp?
  44. Evohome UFH setup
  45. Y87RF setpoint needs to be 2C over the current temperature for BDR91 to come on
  46. Evohome - bypass issue?
  47. Replacement adaptor valves for HR92
  48. Desperately seeking Evohome installer in Herts/North London
  49. Last couple of hours to get FREE HR92's - ENDS MIDNIGHT TONIGHT 3rd!
  50. Hot water sensor battery
  51. Summer Setting
  52. Evohome and OpenTherm - possible bug with HW implementation?
  53. Heating my tower rails which don't have radiator controls during the warm months
  54. Tado disconnections
  55. Boiler Relay - Comms Fault
  56. Solar Switch choice
  57. Single room thermostat - wifi connection
  58. Evohome (again)
  59. No heating this morning
  60. Evohome Hot Water BDR91 not binding
  61. increasing thermal capacity of ABV loop with small rad
  62. Evohome connection faults observation
  63. High Pitched Evohome BDR91
  64. Evohome security yet ?
  65. Evohome queries and problems
  66. Can Evohome control floor zone valves in addition to the HR92 smart TRVs?
  67. Total Connect - Loss of Communication
  68. Electric Underfloor Heating - options?
  69. SMS text message heating control or eQ-3 MAX???
  70. evohome and S-Plan
  71. Evohome lost Room Names
  72. Evohome has suddenly started dropping connection to HW sensor
  73. Honeywell HGI80 - Silly question
  74. Cant connect to evohome
  75. Tower TRV - HR92 Compatible?
  76. S-plan with no valves?
  77. Convert Combi to unvented cylinder setup with Evohome
  78. Hr80 with evohome
  79. OPENTHERM Compatible Combi Boilers?
  80. Totalconnect app
  81. Batteries not charging on evohome - solution
  82. This made me laugh
  83. 1 radiator left on
  84. Evohome - two pumps
  85. Home automation solution for Panasonic heat pump
  86. Turn evohome screen off completely
  87. HR80 Temperature Calibration
  88. Comms Error to Heating Control at exactly the same time everyday
  89. Weird non-existant comms error
  90. Snapshop on 3rd party software control of Evohome
  91. HR92 Lost comms. problem
  92. what is this and am i getting ripped off?
  93. Evohome wifi - BDR91 Failsafe - Pulling out hair with frustation!
  94. Amazon echo?
  95. Bind HR80 to evohome wifi
  96. Red Dot on Hot Water heating
  97. Forcing radiator valves to 35C
  98. Honeywell evohome zoning issues
  99. Evohome range
  100. controller
  101. Ecohome questions
  102. Is there an issue with the Evohome apps at the moment (2016-09-25)?
  103. Evohome Apple Home Kit - A Fantasy?
  104. Breakiing news: UK Amazon Echo works with Evohome!
  105. My Evohome control just went completely dead
  106. Guest bedroom zones
  107. Heating Wiring
  108. Honeywell, are you here?
  109. Evohome TRV and thermostat without controller
  110. First smart heating system - need some advice
  111. IFTTT - Evohome setpoint override cancel?
  112. Evohome - Things you can only do via the App
  113. Switching Off a ZONE?
  114. Clear existing binding from CS92 (hot water sensor)
  115. Evohome Single Zone Not Working
  116. Measuring real time gas consumption
  117. Whats the difference between the HGS80 and the HGI80
  118. vailllant eco-therm pro 937 vr33 and evohome opentherm
  119. Evohome Controller Base and Wall Mount issues
  120. Opentherm with Evohome
  121. Broken HR92?
  122. How are messages actually sent? One Zone not working - how to debug :(
  123. A few words from me
  124. S-Plan vs Y-Plan for Evohome ?
  125. Evohome cylinder strap on sensor incompatible ?
  126. Planned Maintenance - Total Connect Comfort & Lyric server outage - March or October
  127. Economy Mode Quick Action - Changing Setting
  128. BDR91 Back Boxes
  129. Is there a way to control via a web interface
  130. Boiler Pump/Fan cycling at random? Evohome at fault?
  131. Evohome heating/security integration
  132. Vented to unvented project with Evohome using Megaflo cylinder
  133. Questions about evotouch - HR92 and temperature measure on T87RF in the same zone
  134. Evohome power down
  135. Hot Water Kit - sensor details
  136. Evohome override in multi room zone
  137. new to evoHome - existing Honeywell wireless room thermostat
  138. New unvented cylinder - nowhere for Evohome Probe :(
  139. Wiring BDR91 + Evo
  140. Evohome Connected + Y87RF + HCE80 pairing - confusion over setpoints
  141. Quick check on how T87RF2033 (Wireless Thermostat) works
  142. Evohome - boiler 6min on, 4min off and so on?
  143. Evohome 'Optimum Start' Switching on too Early
  144. Graph of gas consumption showing Evohome in action
  145. Honeywell evohome and Vaillant ecotec plus 838
  146. Zone using T87RF and BDR91 keeps turning on and off even below setpoint
  147. T87RF and HR92 - Ignoring the Local Override setting from Evohome Controller
  148. Vaillant boiler monitoring - anyone doing it?
  149. Random Niggly Issues
  150. evoHome / boiler cycle settings
  151. Evohome override issue
  152. HR92 battery contact problem
  153. New Evohome plumbing issues
  154. Help needed re: Evohome actuator faults and email notifications
  155. Considering Evohome
  156. EvoHome priorities
  157. Balancing and delta T with a Modulating Pump
  158. EVOHome WIFI Password problem
  159. Problem zone
  160. temperature settings for evohome
  161. Adjusting the Boiler Cycle time? Boiler cycling every 10mins.
  162. S Plan with Opentherm setup
  163. New online Evohome monitoring/logging service?
  164. floor heating problem
  165. UFH setup with BDR91 relays and without HCC80R - impact?
  166. batteries for hr92s
  167. Evohome wireless protocol
  168. Evohome with basic oil boiler
  169. Strange HR92 behaviour
  170. How to frost protect an Evohome system ?
  171. Evohome is Noisy - please help me
  172. First evening with Evo
  173. Lightwave or evohome?
  174. Configuring BDR91 as central heating relay
  175. Evohome firmware update
  176. Pump overrun
  177. Evohome and Zone Valves
  178. Something odd happening
  179. Latch open a 4043?
  180. Can anyone help advise how to move from a cm927 to Evohome please?
  181. Ideal Vogue & Opentherm via Honeywell T6 Lyric (wired version)
  182. Boiler relay
  183. HR92 Observations on temperature and control processing
  184. Radiator balancing woth HR92s
  185. How to use 'Custom' quick action in evohome app
  186. Evohome wiring
  187. Evohome display / remote sensing questions
  188. Is there a dummies guide to setting up Domoticz for Evohome?
  189. New Build, New Boiler, Opentherm??
  190. Ariston boiler "auto" mode and Evohome
  191. Evohome install advice
  192. Solar PV & Device Control - Heating & Air con? Zigbee?
  193. Alternative to Honeywell BDR91 (RF switching unit)
  194. Consensus on ideal "away" temperature?
  195. Evohome Component Life
  196. Strange hike in Boiler Temperature
  197. Evohome over shoot on UFH zone
  198. Adjusting Zone Temp when Optimum Stop is Enabled
  199. Domoticz and HGI80 show two zones with oscillating temperatures
  200. Preparing for the party season - keeping the heat on
  201. Image file for Domoticz running on a Pi with HGI80 drivers installed
  202. Cannot create Honeywell account
  203. Question on T87RF2033
  204. Amazon & Lyric T6 Live
  205. Pump switches off during heating
  206. Slow Internet Connection
  207. Confused about Evohome local override
  208. Replacing a System Boiler on an Evohome'd 'S' Plan System
  209. OpenTherm scheduling to get rooms upto the required temp on time
  210. Merry Christmas
  211. Evohome sounds my perfect solution?
  212. HR92's and BRD91 Guidance Please
  213. Phantom changes
  214. Boiler relay still firing with no heat demand.
  215. Evohome - at what time does Away mode end?
  216. Major issue last night with Evohome controller
  217. DTS92E low battery alert not clearing
  218. What happens non trv radiators with evohome?
  219. Evohome specialist near Wendover
  220. My personal experiance in setting up boiler for most efficient fuel consuption
  221. Boiler Efficiencies
  222. Which OpenTherm boilers work well with Evohome?
  223. Tado V3 vs Evohome ?
  224. HR92 failed
  225. BDR91 reoccurring fault
  226. Hot Fault Sensor comms fault, there seems to be a pattern
  227. Logging on off
  228. Evohome S Plan Plus (Plus) setup not exhibiting any Optimimal start characteristics
  229. Evohome HR92 Installation Issue
  230. Message to Tom F
  231. Local evohome installers
  232. Evohome S Plan conversion from 3 relay to 2 with no bypass
  233. Honeywell Evohome questions
  234. Netgear Orbi Mesh WiFi
  235. Evohome: difference between T87RF and Y87RF?
  236. Evohome: difference between T87RF and Y87RF
  237. HR92 not responding correctly
  238. Controlling 3 separate plug sockets from one thermostat?
  239. Message to philchillbill
  240. Massive overshoot!
  241. Control of UFH
  242. Evohome Wifi - Clock Stopped
  243. Completely new heating install, best way to configure for EvoHome?
  244. Toddler 1 - HGI80 Nil
  245. HGI80 Supplier
  246. New System Install Advice...
  247. My HGI80 equivalent Domoticz setup without HGI80
  248. evohome security with Domoticz/HGI80
  249. Evohome or Tado
  250. iPhone App for Evohome