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  1. Additional room thermostats
  2. Evohome - Real World Savings.
  3. evohome disable 'low demand'
  4. broken Evohome HR92 - Anyone disassembled one??
  5. Help with Evohome / Opentherm / Intergas
  6. Logging and displaying temperature data with Raspberry Pi
  7. Stringify and Evohome vs IFTTT
  8. Evohome temp Logging
  9. Evohome set up - question
  10. Honeywell old Evohome with RFG100 gateway
  11. Mourning the demise of motor-open / motor-close valve actuators
  12. RF Controllers with Evohome
  13. Ideal Vogue using Opentherm to set pump speed or modify Pump Modulation to minimum
  14. What is the impact of running modern boilers at less than minimum rating
  15. Evohome DHW overshoots
  16. What water and overnight set-back temperatures do you use?
  17. Evohome Thermostats randomly setting to 5 Degrees C
  18. Evohome hot water 'off' settings
  19. Best budget solution for gas CH and also electric UFH in different zones on one house
  20. Proportional Control Honeywell
  21. Tado vs Wavin Hep2o Underfloor Heating
  22. Upgrading Existing Zone Valve System
  23. IFTTT And DHW temp
  24. Evo WiFi Controller - Active TCP Sessions
  25. T87RF2033 Thermostat
  26. Override
  27. Y87RF2024 LCD Display partially failed
  28. ...quick and simple hack to turn evohome screen off!
  29. Builders & Evohome
  30. Evohome API Changes and Broken iOS App
  31. Springing HR92s
  32. Volunteers wanted - TCC web controls
  33. Just firing up the install..
  34. Votodens 100-w and S-Plan
  35. First 2 Weeks
  36. Setting away mode automatically on Evohome
  37. Opentherm + EvoHome + Viessmann 111-W overshoots
  38. Evohome + which OT Boiler?
  39. Impressions after 5 Weeks
  40. IOS App Issues
  41. Help requested: any Evohome users with an RFG100 and a HGI80?
  42. bruce_miranda: your inbox is too full to receive new messages :D
  43. Evo home + 4 zone valves
  44. Evohome (colour/ext bridge) clock stopped
  45. Modern wireless/online for Rayburn/Aga type cooking/heating/hot water appliance
  46. Is this true with Evohome?
  47. Clock change (daylight saving) on Evotouch
  48. Evohome WiFi firmware update - is it ever going to happen?
  49. Google Home and evohome Wifi controller?
  50. HR92 Dial increases temperature in both directions.
  51. Evohome controller bug during Heating Off, but great job Dan and Domoticz
  52. Worcester Bosch and Opentherm
  53. BDR91 instead of HCC80 for Underfloor heating
  54. Established system with new comms fault
  55. Evohome Controller: Power supply adapter just died
  56. Grant user access
  57. Atag IS24 Plus Evohome Plus Opentherm
  58. New heating project.
  59. Heating Relay switches on when controller in Off Mode and Hot Water switched on
  60. Help with new house please
  61. Boiler warranties and custom controllers
  62. OpenTherm bolier list.
  63. Controller Showing Honeywell Logo And Now HourGlass For Zone Temperatures
  64. OpenTherm control behaviour
  65. ABV Fitting Location
  66. Unusual Evohome HR92 behaviour due to battery fault
  67. Conrad Connect now supports Evohome
  68. Grrr... Channel 13 bites again
  69. Boilers, BDRs and TPI
  70. Honeywell DU 145 Setting
  71. Strange bug
  72. Installer Menu
  73. Evohome connected to Worcester 30si
  74. Evohome fragile redux -- base power supply dead after 18 months
  75. Domoticz Evohome HGI80 multi-controller update released
  76. Honeywell AQ6000 with latest Wifi Thermostat? (OpenTherm)
  77. IOS App layout change
  78. Evohome - please help!
  79. Evohome - Quick Actions
  80. Uponor Radiator valves-Honywell EVO
  81. Atag iS32 installed + Opentherm Evohome
  82. Which (Smart?) thermostat?
  83. Introducing myself
  84. BDR91 Wiring Help
  85. Evohome Controller Battery Issue
  86. Domoticz graphing
  87. HR92s unscrewing
  88. How to control secondary pump from Evohome
  89. Domoticz beta now has in core support for Evohome web API
  90. ecoTec
  91. Amazon Alexa & evohome/szt - small update
  92. eBus monitoring
  93. Use cases for 'no optimisation' - please post
  94. What time does your controller think it is?
  95. EVOHOME, Cenral Heating and Hot Water Control
  96. Hot Water issue - Random Overshoots
  97. Ios 11
  98. Kickspace/Plinth Heaters
  99. Wired TRVs connected to a heatmiser Neo Stat system ?
  100. Simple question if I may
  101. Day Off Setting
  102. Evohome - Annual Battery Change - 1 zone stuck "waiting for sync"
  103. T6 & T6r Thermostats work with Google Home
  104. Honeywell evohome and OpenTherm integration
  105. Evohome security opinions?
  106. Evohome optimisation not working
  107. Adjusting an ABV and measuring flow rates through the boiler
  108. Data Logging
  109. Preparing for Evohome L shaped room advice please
  110. evohome controller locking up
  111. Opentherm BDR91 Cycles per Hour and Minimum On Time
  112. Evohome/Opentherm - Hot Water Cylinder Heating
  113. Comms faults re-occuring after exactly 3 hrs 10 mins
  114. Evohome for new installations?
  115. Hr91
  116. Browser control now live for TCC Devices
  117. Evohome problems - assistance please!
  118. Evohome not sticking to schedule.
  119. Evohome and Auto Bypass Valves
  120. Evohome - Tracking/Graphing Temperatures
  121. Honeywell evohome ATF700 Front Covers - Finally Here!!!
  122. iOS TCC App issues
  123. Evohome hybrid system possible?
  124. Help TRV adapter
  125. 'Degree day' based gas usage plot for the last 12 months
  126. Evohome with two plumbed zones, one for radiators and one for wet underfloor heating
  127. Evohome home-brew code projects?
  128. red led flashing 5 times regularly
  129. Evohome and multiple user geofencing
  130. New to Evohome Smart Thermostat - How to replace a Honeywell st9400c with 2 x BDR91 ?
  131. Evohome - Lost comms with pretty much everything?
  132. Evohome Thermostat model variations?
  133. Evohome - wireless pump overrun
  134. Boiler with separate HW and CH max and OpenTherm
  135. Domoticz
  136. EvoHome - adding HW kit to combi boiler
  137. Anyone got a Vaillant eBUS timer/controller I could borrow
  138. VR33 and Valiant EcoTech boilers in the UK
  139. T87RF from Evohome stuck
  140. Compatible TRVs
  141. Evo home controller showing dashes
  142. HR92 Controlled by Y87RF
  143. All radiators either on or off
  144. My evohome plan: does this make sense?
  145. Evohome Family Space With Radiator & Radiator & KickSpace\Plinth Heater
  146. Evohome CS92 troubles
  147. Boiler relay behaviour
  148. Help needed wiring Evohome system
  149. Is there anyone who was using the Vaillant controls before Evohome and Opentherm?
  150. Evohome and Combi Power usage
  151. Robotic radiator valves
  152. evohome HCC80R. zone valve and/or mixing pump control?
  153. This is what I would like EvoHome to look like
  154. HR92 variants
  155. New installation - unusual readings & Android app behaviour
  156. 2.4/5GHz Meshes and Evohome
  157. Multiple HR92 binding in a zone - which is temp sesnor?
  158. Evohome in new build house with 2 zone and HW
  159. Evohome install today
  160. Drayton Wiser Smart Heating Controls Review Part 1 Step by Step Installation
  161. Problems with Zone 2 of Honeywell thermostat
  162. IFTTT problem
  163. Evo S Plan
  164. EvoHome issues
  165. EvoHome Away feature - strange behaviour.
  166. How to bind Y87RF with HR92 to wifi Evohome controller
  167. Evohome Control Panel Time
  168. Evohome and Opentherm (S-plan)
  169. X31 and Bus molex connector on Vailant boiler
  170. Vaillant EcoTec 838 and hourglass
  171. Bug in the current version of the Honey Total Connect Comfort App?
  172. Wrong diameter of valve adapter from Honewell HR92 actuator (black-white)
  173. moving house with evohome
  174. Automatic boiler temperature control
  175. Evohome help please
  176. setting lockshield valves
  177. Problem with HR92 and connection
  178. Opentherm and Economy (Quick Actions)
  179. EvoHome Security install - paging Honeywell
  180. Internet Connected Evohome - Clock Accuracy Poor
  181. Use of colour in the app
  182. eovhome Wi-FI FW releases
  183. Evohome HR92 batteries
  184. How do you copy a day's schedule to another day on the controller
  185. Two Zones Created Their Own Manual Timers
  186. Evohome Help Please.
  187. Evohome newbie questions: noise, losing comms, towel rad switching, balancing
  188. Hr92 override an schedule
  189. Ghost zones...
  190. Location disappeared !
  191. Evohome and Worcester Bosch Combi Boiler
  192. App login frequency
  193. Evohome zone constantly resetting to minimum temp after some time
  194. Evohome and balancing
  195. Troubleshooting opentherm on a vailant boiler with VR33
  196. T87RF Thermostat quick action menus
  197. Help with Evohome Opentherm bridge
  198. Evohome - Boost option?
  199. Boiler firing with no apparent setpoint request
  200. Effect of outdoor temperature variance (evohome)
  201. Evohome off temperature
  202. Feasibility / correct process for phased Evohome installation?
  203. Evohome - Increasing number of "lost System Communication" alerts
  204. Evohome schedule not kicking in
  205. Evohome HR92 and DT92 UL issue
  206. Cheap multi zone smart thermostat
  207. Solar gain forecasting controller for EUFH ??available
  208. Evohome & Worcester Bosch combi (current combi 30i) pre heat mode
  209. Evohome controller as room thermostat
  210. Failed System Change alert
  211. HR92 not turning openng the radiator valve ...
  212. Nest 3rd gen help
  213. Evohome on a Y plan system - should i add a boiler demand relay?
  214. Smith's plinth heater onto Evohome - BDR91 or HR92 control?
  215. Controlling a BDR91 from two CM28
  216. Valencia sticking -- any tips?
  217. Is it possible for HR92 not to activate boiler but be controlled on controller for ti
  218. Minimum Temperature - sledom occupied spare room & en-suite bathroom?
  219. SIemens trade Trv adaptor plate
  220. Local override keeps re-enabling itself
  221. Problems adding HR92 radiator controllers to evohome system
  222. Honeywell Evohome login & details failure
  223. New evohome FW - update WiFi and Application
  224. Evotouch not communicating with an HR92 ...
  225. The EVOHOME Shop December 2017 Offers!
  226. Honeywell Lyric
  227. Evohome 2 zone, the next step.
  228. Optimisation and tracking temperature on EvoHome?
  229. EvoHome without HR92 smart TRVs?
  230. Hacking Evohome... API Vs direct communication with devices
  231. EvoHome Zones
  232. Vaillant flow temperature control for HW
  233. Evohome DHW temperature sensing with CS92
  234. Problem resetting HR92 and the system
  235. Evohome set to off but boiler fired up minutes later.
  236. Bind Unconnected HR92
  237. evohome early access to BETA Firmware
  238. HR92 replacement/removal without deleting entire zone?
  239. EvoHome and Alexa commands
  240. Boilers compatible with vr33
  241. Evohome without HR92s
  242. Evohome - conflict with existing programmer
  243. Wireless thermostat problem
  244. Can I be seasonal?
  245. Evohome valve adapters
  246. Meaning of the zone heat demand %
  247. Opentherm Issue
  248. xmas tree caution
  249. Questions about HR92
  250. Adding underfloor heating to existing system