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  1. Wiring BDR91 as simple on/off relay
  2. HR92 Failure in humidity
  3. HR80 & HR92 in same multi room zone?
  4. Evohome and BDR not working as expected
  5. Hr92 Radiator Connector
  6. Server Issues
  7. Lyric T6 offline issue
  8. Evohome Settings and Zone information
  9. Different controllable units in EvoHome zones?
  10. Changing zone temperature crashes Honeywell android app
  11. Logging Evohome - yet another topic!
  12. Overactive HR92?
  13. Away mode disabled itself
  14. Honeywell evohome
  15. Advice sought on heating setup for renovation
  16. Evohome install - have I got the right idea?
  17. Strange happening re zone comms fault when clearing fault notifications
  18. Evohome and boiler issues
  19. Evohome actuator MT4-230-NC to replace HR92.
  20. 3 channel smart heating
  21. Dormant rad valves as input devices, under floor actuators
  22. For those that think the hr92 is too noisy.
  23. Toddler "hacking" evohome
  24. Can I not view the schedule in apps/online?
  25. Going away? don't forget to turn off your electric UFH....can't wait for evohome UFH
  26. evohome Water temperature sensor battery life
  27. Going-to-bed-now mode for Evohome
  28. Basic Evohome queston
  29. Where do you buy Evohome kit?
  30. What Valencia valve parts to buy?
  31. Google assistant integration live
  32. Low cost automation for ancient oil and coal fired system
  33. Worcester Bosch and Opentherm (again) maybe Evohome?
  34. 13th Zone?!
  35. Evohome sync issues
  36. Is there ANY reason to favour a HR91 over an HR92 other than price?
  37. Issue with one HR92 in a multiple-actuator room
  38. Wind Direction
  39. Ideal Logic System 24 with Weather Compensation and OpenTherm
  40. Intergas HRE 18 SB+Opentherm bridge+Outdoor sensor impression
  41. Evohome: TPI with multiple controllers
  42. Is EvoHome controller a thermostat?
  43. HR92's: A rant
  44. HR80 Parameter settings - is there such a thing ?
  45. Bdr91a 1000 1516 3 st1 e
  46. Dear Honeywell, could Santa please bring me....
  47. Where can I make an app bug report?
  48. Help with HR92 configuration
  49. Dodgy battery connection
  50. New Evohome -Hot water boost button
  51. Evohome keeps dropping connection between thermostat and relay box
  52. New ATAG setup - OpenTherm Query
  53. Anyone recognise this Radiator please
  54. Opentherm and Evohome System Summary
  55. Evehome initial setup
  56. Hot Water on without call from Stat
  57. Controlling electric heating and comfort pump
  58. Evohome. Moving to opentherm S plan setup with Ideal Vogue
  59. studies into the efficiency of basic, TPI and OT systems
  60. HomePod
  61. Temperature Drop, Evohome
  62. Help!! Need advice re switching Evomhome from BDR91 to OpenTherm boiler control
  63. Evohome Opentherm Boiler decision and set up
  64. Have Evohome Heating & now updating for hot water - Question
  65. Added Y87RF to external wall -- possible to compensate down by a couple of degrees?
  66. Opentherm to EMS gateway
  67. Hot water incorrect on iPhone app
  68. iPhone & iPad
  69. Comfort settings on HW ?
  70. Honeywell Evohome (International) and Google Home
  71. update and - heat demand per zone (in settings)-explain this
  72. Faking a Evo zone without Evo kit
  73. Switched to evohome & caused damage to boiler?
  74. Unable to control evohome remotely
  75. New evohome installation - valve "whistle"
  76. Fitting a T87RF Wall Thermostat
  77. Evohome linked to Google Calendar for unlimited scheduling
  78. Clock stopped - February 8th 2018
  79. update and can it be reversed
  80. evohome - What shedule do you use ?
  81. EvoHome S-Plan heating relay operates with HW demand
  82. Evohome feature request: temperature parameters
  83. Evohome valve stops working but works fine once removed and put back
  84. Different bypass rad according to time of day (zone with T87RF only)
  85. Evohome temp override becomes permanent if system mode set at Away?
  86. RF interference ?
  87. Excluding 1 Zone from the economy start
  88. Dead HR92
  89. Converting wired Y plan to Opentherm
  90. Modulating boiler or ASHP?
  91. Evohome - Secondhand install. Checks before going live
  92. Outside Temp changes and overshoots
  93. Rooms are struggling : Higher Flow Temperature or Higher Boiler Output
  94. Tado v3 feedback
  95. Evohome - one zone not optimising.
  96. Double Binding two zones to one BDR91
  97. Will Honeywell EVER acknowledge problems with the CS92?
  98. Honewell HR92 Problems
  99. Evohome - srange goings on with DHW
  100. New Evohome firing boiler 24/7
  101. 4 HR92s in same zone not opening equally
  102. EvoHome Controller time is stuck and not talkign to wireless relay box anymore
  103. Evohome & BDR91 issue
  104. EvoHome Advice
  105. Evohome HR92s not sending demand for heat.
  106. Evohome compatability / wiring setup with Thermal Store
  107. Add Extra Hr92 to Existing Zone
  108. Heating comes on with hotwater demand
  109. One zone has a "frozen" temperature
  110. Can I use weather compensator on Vaillant with evohome?
  111. More HR92 weirdness
  112. Hot Water overheating?
  113. Evohome water heater
  114. Is my plan going to work?
  115. EvoHome Controller WiFi and Channel 11
  116. HR92 dropping to 5.0 randomly
  117. T87RF2033 vs DTS92E1020
  118. evohome range checking
  119. Radiators on hot water circuit
  120. Using an unbound HR92 as a regular TRV
  121. Opentherm Boiler control Add Hot water
  122. HR92 unilaterally switched to 34.5c - how to set a max temp?
  123. Evo Home hotwater kit
  124. Evohome holiday mode is a pain
  125. Vallient VR33 module installation
  126. Honeywell Evohome Advice
  127. Honeywell Evohome Advice
  128. Adding UFH to EvoHome Y-Plan
  129. Some Help Please With Multiple Zone Valves On Evohome
  130. T87rf + r8810a1080a = 87rf2008?
  131. Pairing TRVs ahead of installing BDR91
  132. Alternatives to Evohome, one could buy today?
  133. EPCs based on RdSAP - Evohome
  134. Where to buy HR92 wedges
  135. Evohome Clock Stopped.
  136. New radiator with HR92 makes loud rushing sound
  137. Electric Radiator
  138. Ideal Vogue C32 Gen2 with Evohome
  139. Evohome Opentherm - tearing my hair out!
  140. Ghosts in the system
  141. Evohome - Boiler Randomely Turning On
  142. Flashing red light on BDR
  143. Evohome - need to add a roomstat
  144. What's Going on Here?
  145. A thought on water temperature control
  146. Evohome Thermostat Comparison
  147. Cry for Help - Evohome Wiring Assistance
  148. BDR91 binding - check that I've got it right?
  149. Total house refurb, heating system advice needed.
  150. New boiler day
  151. OpenTherm vs OnOFF and tips on a good heating setup
  152. HGI80 - where to buy?
  153. GDPR - Smart Devices
  154. Evohome: BDR91 talks to Opentherm Boiler Relay (R8810)?
  155. Honeywell TCC API?
  156. Monitoring pipe temperatures
  157. SmartThings & HomeKit
  158. What do Honeywell mean when they say a HR92 displays the actual temperature ?
  159. How does the calibration offset work in an HR92?
  160. Can anyone help my wife? (With a question about our system ;))
  161. Using Hot Water for Dishwasher
  162. [For Sale] Z-Wave StellaZ Radiator Thermostat
  163. HGI80 hot water termperature no longer showing in domoticz
  164. Local override disabled lost after HR92 reboot
  165. Evohome Weather
  166. Evohome iPad app
  167. Pi Zero W / HGI-80
  168. Boiler efficiency
  169. Ahem...
  170. Evohome Self Install
  171. Honeywell Home App
  172. UK EPC - Energy Performance Certificate - Evohome not listed
  173. Will I Install Evohome Again?
  174. Honeywell Planned Maintenance
  175. OpenTherm issue
  176. Help with Evohome Self install
  177. Nest Heating Control
  178. Adding Underfloor
  179. Evohome + Electric Underfloor
  180. Total Connect = Apparent Total Failure
  181. EvoHome driving electric underfloor heating
  182. Evohome and UFH - am I on the right track?
  183. Can you tell which BDR is which? (Radiators getting hot when heating hot water)
  184. spam - Allegedly from Honeywell
  185. Evohome - replaced HR92 persists in showing egg timer on Evohome Controller
  186. "Battery low" on controller
  187. Evohome firmware
  188. Room thermostats
  189. Battery notifications
  190. Phantom Activation
  191. Problem with EvohomeClient
  192. Evohome WiFi Controller: installer menu options
  193. how does evohome work?
  194. No outside temperature displayed ...
  195. New Boiler - No Pump Overrun
  196. Evohome install - BDR91 wiring / placement
  197. Evohome zone valves
  198. Evohome App / Water Temp issue
  199. Set up multi zone ufh and single zone radiators
  200. Adding thermaskirt to a room where we have a single zone evohome
  201. Water Temp Calibration
  202. Evohome with multiple BDR91's and underfloor heating
  203. HR92 compatible traditional valve
  204. 2 Evohomes that can't find any wifi
  205. Honeywell Valencia problems
  206. Planned Maintenance
  207. Evohome WiFi: temperature differentials
  208. Wifi controller not updating
  209. Evohome v Tado v Hive v Nest
  210. No heating in bedroom with EvoHome
  211. IOS App Issues
  212. EvoHome self install
  213. Major outage 25th September
  214. Batteries for Evohome
  215. Opentherm and DHW control
  216. HR92 displays E2 error code
  217. Evohome, Communication with the system has been lost
  218. Hive 2 to Evohome switch difficult?
  219. Evohome down - 3rd Octber 2018 @ 05:30 GMT ?
  220. EvoHome WiFi Controller temperature reading incorrect
  221. IFTTT location trigger has become useless with Android 8.1
  222. Hot water icon in evotouch - is it really working as expected?
  223. Evohome Expert wanted for South Lincolnshire
  224. Evohome - Fitting HR92 to Chrome Towel Rails?
  225. EvoHome online. - Major connection issues tonight 8th Oct?
  226. Evohome stops heating for no reason or doesn't even start
  227. Temperature displayed on HR92 with evotouch controller as a sensor
  228. Binding failure - suggestions please?
  229. temperature measured by evotouch is bit higher than usual?
  230. Evohome and floor probe for wet UFH under vinyl
  231. Simple (?) Evohome install?
  232. heating system from scratch in old flat
  233. Faulty Wiser Radiator Thermostat
  234. Looks like Wiser is catching up with Evohome
  235. HC60NG now reduced to 6.5A
  236. HR92UK - Battery replacement & voltages
  237. Evohome Hot Water
  238. Attaching an HR92UK to towel rail
  239. Ignoring commands & Multiple Rads in a room
  240. Odd change in setpoint shown in domoticz
  241. Target temperature for little used rooms.
  242. Honeywell confirm application issues with IOS 11.4 upwards
  243. Any one having problems using the Honeywall app or logging via the website?
  244. Evohome Upgrade
  245. Weissman Vitodens 111-W with Nest V3 - Not running in OpenTherm
  246. Whatever Happened to MyJoulo
  247. ATAG One - Pre-Heating
  248. Do you change your target temperature with the seasons?
  249. Newbie to SMART heating
  250. Honeywell HR92 TRV driving me mad!!