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  1. EvoHome Zone problems
  2. Evohome app broken
  3. Drayton wiser opentherm and hot water
  4. DT92E temperature mismatch
  5. GeniusHub /Heatgenius
  6. Strange regular 2C over setpoint temp reading on Kitchen HR92
  7. EvoHome ATF600 power supply issue
  8. New Designs Keep on Coming - Fritz!Dect 301 TRVs
  9. Evohome Zoning - HELP!!!!
  10. Need advice with smart system for zone actuator valves
  11. OpenTherm with two boilers & other related questions
  12. Evohome strange issue
  13. EvoHome Hot Water Kit >> Megaflow CL210
  14. EvoHome ( and general ) Hot Water Temperature Thoughts?
  15. Issues with return temp too high
  16. No control in EvoHome web-portal anymore?
  17. Alexa control issues
  18. EvoHome novice... beginners help needed please!
  19. EvoHome - ThermoStore, 2 Boilers - is it possible?
  20. New Tado installation - questions about smart rad thermostats
  21. Evohome - Use Y87rf instead of TRV?
  22. Evohome - Radiator coming on outside of schedule
  23. T87RF and HR92 temperature displays
  24. Evohome controller as siongle zone thermostat
  25. The IOS app - heating & security
  26. Replacing Batteries - Rad-Thermostat not working
  27. Incorrect time on evoHome Connected Controller
  28. Evohome Web App gone funny
  29. Honeywell MyTotalConnect EvoHome Webpage
  30. Loss of heat demand and binding
  31. Evohome S Plan BDR91 Boiler Control
  32. HR92 temperature sensor WILDLY wrong
  33. How safe are HR92 (radiation wise)
  34. HR92 completely died..
  35. EvoHome and existing single-zone wet UFH
  36. Evohome new user
  37. Evohome Gateway type no internet
  38. Historic Weather Data
  39. Incorrect heat demands
  40. Advise, disabled person, controlling combination boiler central heating radiator TRV'
  41. evoPlus - enhancing evohome's functionality
  42. Evohome questions before blowing my budget....
  43. New Evohome + Opentherm set up, Help needed!
  44. Honeywell Evohome IOS App seem to have been fixed
  45. Web Access
  46. Oversize / Undersize Rads
  47. Energy company rating
  48. How to read the Vaillant eBus
  49. How to reset/clear an HR80?
  50. Evohome - comfortable temperature
  51. Anomalies/Faults in newly installed Evohome system
  52. Adding to my system
  53. Evohome newbie - App issues
  54. Evohome - temporary comms fault from all devices
  55. Evohome: single zone shows as in economy mode
  56. Evohome - I have 2 problems
  57. Intermittent evohome "COMMS FAULT <ZONE> ACTUATOR"
  58. Advice wanted for smart home heating
  59. Evohome controller power adapter failed
  60. Use HR92 as a normal clock TRV?
  61. https://honeywelluk.com/ certificate expired
  62. Evohome Underfloor zone issues
  63. Evohome S plan setup problems, BDR does not fire CH - help pls
  64. Evohome BDR91 CH problem - help pls?
  65. Unexplained high gas usage by evohome/valliant during a weekend away.
  66. Opentherm not shutting off boiler in lyric t6
  67. Penguins
  68. Wired Radiator valves - Honeywell MT4/MT8
  69. Evohome OpenTherm and Rinnai E32S
  70. Hacking modulating boilers with fake outdoor sensor
  71. Rinnai/Atag E32S and OpenTherm bridge
  72. New heating control product from Honeywell - Launches at CES2019
  73. EvoHome Hot water temperature incorrect
  74. Evohome CH zones only trigger the boiler if the ‘central’ zone is also on
  75. Multitude of EvoHome Issues on new install
  76. Evohome Controller wont connect to internet
  77. Need an experienced Evohome installer for a location in Sidcup, Kent
  78. Is the app down?
  79. Using Y87RF as temperature sensor for Zone
  80. Evohome controller backup settings? Controller password PIN
  81. evohome controller charging contacts
  82. Evohome heating radiators and hot water the same time
  83. EvoHome - Optimizing
  84. can I have a bit of advice please? Evohome
  85. Loxone - Anyone taken a look for as an alternative to Evohome?
  86. Is Evohome Windows CE based ? if so.......
  87. Evohome local connection
  88. HR92 Blocked after upgrade from HR80
  89. Hot water on Evo home Display says its off.
  90. Advice on Boiler efficiency
  91. Batteries - typical life and which type?
  92. Evohome HW BDR not switching on
  93. Domoticz - basic questions
  94. Evohome HGI80 MQTT
  95. Replacing nest with evohome
  96. Honeywell Home
  97. Vaillant, VR33 and Nest - what's possible?
  98. Evohome HR92 - gets stuck on local override
  99. EvoHome with a single HR92 radiator thermostat
  100. Vaillant 831 Eco Tec Plus combi with open therm
  101. Evo home Rf comms check
  102. Ufh evohome alternative?
  103. Evohome : All Room Setting
  104. UFH - EvoHome and reluctant plumber
  105. Evohome 'Newbie' Questions.
  106. Using a CS92 to control a DHW circulation pump ... ?
  107. Viessmann / Honeywell OpenTherm issue
  108. Honeywell Hom
  109. Evohome WiFi Controller - Battery Issue?
  110. Having to keep entering app password
  111. Honeywell Evohome & HW customer service perception
  112. Any Drayton Wiser users around?
  113. HR92 - noise observations
  114. Honeywell Controller Setup
  115. Evohome Wireless Radiator Valve Problem with Battery Holder
  116. HR92 vs Tado motor volume?
  117. How smart is Evohome?
  118. Control question: New CH System; Large house, S-Plan Plus, 1 or 2 boilers.
  119. Multiple Evohome controllers
  120. quick questions please
  121. Another room sensor.
  122. Heating control during refurb
  123. Drayton Wiser Open therm
  124. No hot water
  125. Continental HR92
  126. Evohome may not save you money..
  127. Setting the Evohome schedule - via a web interface?
  128. Increasing HR92 wireless range by adding a cable
  129. Logging Evohome Heat Demand
  130. Troubleshooting Room Overshooting HR92
  131. Mass communication loss overnight?
  132. OpenTherm Oil Fired Boilers
  133. Rads & UFH with zoned pipes
  134. Evo Home has lost the plot.
  135. Confused about Evohome and new boiler
  136. New Evohome Setup - Few questions
  137. Honeywell security tag reader problem
  138. Connecting a Honeywell Lyric T6R to a Bosch 35cdi
  139. Recommendation installer in Milton keynes area
  140. OpenTherm - LoRaWAN
  141. Evohome HR92 lights on but not working..
  142. Newish Installation trouble with one HR92
  143. "Binding problem" turned out to be problem with Fault Log
  144. Optimised start and UFH
  145. Gateway power supply
  146. Design fault with Honeywell HR92 ?
  147. Cycle rate - Failsafe - Min On Time
  148. please can I have some help - cast iron radiators
  149. Hello! checking in after a while away
  150. Raspberry Pi OpenTherm Weather compensation project
  151. Radiator coming on outside its schedule
  152. Two Apps
  153. HR92 shows hourly battery failure on controller
  154. Home Heating Automation Help Please
  155. An accolade for Evohome
  156. Lightwave room temperature sensors ?
  157. Fingers crossed
  158. Haunted EvoHome
  159. Evohome + intergas xclusive. Low heat demand
  160. Drayton Wiser Experience on a large system.
  161. Evohome - Rad & UFH on 2 x 2port valves layout
  162. Force evohome to run boiler for testing
  163. HR92 "NO SYNC" message
  164. Evohome mixed setup: combining UFH w/ rad zones
  165. Difference between Honeywell Home and Total Connect Comfort branding
  166. Evohome voice control command via Google Home
  167. Evohome Controller Multiple Comms faults
  168. HomeKit
  169. Bosch Smart Thermostat or evoHome
  170. Evohome and OpenTherm Compatibility with Glow Worm Boiler
  171. Evohome - zone appears to be stuck in 'learning'
  172. Smart Heating Controls
  173. Retro fitted Evohome with Megaflow
  174. OT produced a heat demand during a comm failure...was that the fail safe?
  175. Skirting Board Radiators
  176. Selling House with Evohome - Advice on Handover
  177. Evohome Netatmo
  178. 2 Drayton Wiser Hubr on one account
  179. Hot water not coming on when requested
  180. Intergas LAN2RF
  181. Evohome new install
  182. Evohome zone with muliple HR92 heads, battery alerts
  183. Hi! DIY Home automation system build.
  184. Fix Evohome HR92 Screen
  185. Re-binding the heating BDR91 to 2 controllers
  186. T4R receiver binding to Evohome
  187. Drayton Wiser Heat issue
  188. Evohome wireless relay
  189. Hr92 92 on all radiators bar plinth heater with opentherm
  190. Conrad Connect and hot water
  191. Viessmann, OpenTherm and smart thermostats
  192. Evohome - new installation advice and validation - advice appreciated
  193. Evohome dual HW
  194. Evohome HCC80 boiler feedback option
  195. HR92 Power lost and now overheating itself!
  196. evohome ATF600 wall mount cable
  197. EvoHome programming multiple HR92's to a zone...
  198. Heating demand taking half hour to update?
  199. Boiler to go with EvoHome?
  200. Evohome and intergas - opentherm
  201. Heat Genius works with Home Assistant
  202. One HR92 gone crazy in dual-valve zone
  203. Evohome control for Underfloor heating to replace 3 radiator zones
  204. Evohome zone forgetting 'Windows open' parameter
  205. Evohome battery changing - forgetting settings, accidental override
  206. HELP - System running with no control?
  207. Boiler Heat demand
  208. Bindings Mixed up?
  209. HELP: Comms Fault on HR92
  210. The future of EvoHome Products?
  211. Bathroom Thermostat for evohome system
  212. Evohome faults
  213. Drayton wiser - what bits do I need ?
  214. OpenTherm - experiments and questions
  215. VysaTherm3000 Electric Underfloor Heating & EvoHome - Question?
  216. Calling for heat
  217. Why is Evohome calling for heat when all zones are below setpoint ?
  218. Evohome calling for heat when off
  219. Upgrading old Honeywell CM system to Evohome - compatability question
  220. Evohome and other wireless devices
  221. Long Narrow Living Room in old house
  222. Evohome controller multi comms faults.
  223. Evohome : valve position status on the HR92 vs evotouch
  224. Evohome : valve position status on the HR92 vs evotouch
  225. which cable to use for opentherm
  226. honeywell evohome - is it doable setup
  227. Zones keep saying "not bound"
  228. Evohome and Lightwave integration
  229. Evohome with Heatpump - Shortcycling Inefficiency due to limited boiler settings.
  230. HR92 takes a long time to turn on.
  231. Adding wet UFH to existing radiator-based setup controlled by Evohome HR92s
  232. 2x HR92 acting weird - showing no sync all the time
  233. What voice commands can I give Google Home for EvoHome heating?
  234. Change dts92... easiest way?
  235. Evohome zone problem.
  236. Electric Radiators
  237. Wiser radiator thermostats on offer Travis Perkins
  238. Evohome Panasonic Heat Pump proposal
  239. Hive active heating with hive radiator valves vs Honeywell Evohome.
  240. evohome underfloor heating
  241. evohome data logging using conrad.
  242. IOS App update 4.8
  243. EvoHome - get boiler on/off status?
  244. Zone failure evohome
  245. Zone failure evohome
  246. Evohome RF Comms Check unexpected result
  247. Best settings for zones
  248. RAMSES protocol but not Honeywell
  249. Evohome Hot water problems
  250. My journey to Evohome and a New Worcester Bosch Boiler