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  1. Do you think there'll be a new Evo panel coming?
  2. Evohome HR92 <--> central panel communication, can we hack it?
  3. Total Noob. Need Some Quick Advice on Drayton Wiser Before I Buy
  4. New Evo Home installation - Advice required!
  5. What does this EvoHome symbol mean?
  6. Intergas Diagnostic Software S1-S5 temperatures
  7. Drayton Wiser - configuration advice needed
  8. Evohome controller clock stopped
  9. Evohome compatible with mix of HR91s and HR92s?
  10. Evohome : Simple / Multi Zone + heater valve / Zone valve
  11. No way to have the HR92 commanding the BDR91
  12. Can a DTS92E control more than one device ?
  13. New Automated Home Facebook Group...
  14. DTS92e - rechargable batteries compatible?
  15. Heat demand relay switchwes in Domoticz for HCE80 not showing up any longer
  16. Evohome Vs Tado V3
  17. E3 fault on Honeywell HR80 UK
  18. Evohome set an override by itself - linked to comms fault?
  19. Evohome: living room getting warmer when warming other room!!??
  20. How to use evohome with reversible heat/refresh heat pump?
  21. Drayton Wiser - time taken to learn?
  22. Evohome HCC80R Underfloor Heating
  23. Monitoring Flow and Return
  24. HR92 can not completely CLOSE the radiator valve
  25. BDR91 and R8810A problems
  26. BDR91 is not following PTI
  27. evohome - "Cancel override" option on iPhone app
  28. The enigma of Evohome
  29. Evohome / Ideal Logic Boiler / Openterm
  30. Battery Warning
  31. Alternative to / replacement for Evohome ?
  32. evohome update 2020
  33. Comms fault on all 12 zones!
  34. Observations with using the Opentherm Gateway as a monitor and Boiler max
  35. Radbot Advice
  36. Temperature differential between rad sensors and wall sensors
  37. Heating Partial Load
  38. DIY OpenTherm Weather Compensator for Honeywell evohome
  39. Monitor boiler parameters when using an OT Bridge, a HGI80 and Evohome
  40. Evohome TPI cycles
  41. VR33 not working on a a Vaillant Ecotec Plus 83w
  42. T87RF Zone Identification
  43. evohome HCE80 UFH valve state decoding from radio signals
  44. Run a single radiator using Evohome or invest in an electric radiator
  45. Working out how badly insulated my house is.
  46. Service issues 24th Jan 2020 - Honeywell Home & Resideo
  47. App & Web portal issues
  48. Optimum boiler anti-cycle setting with Evohome
  49. Evohome BDR 91 time on/off
  50. SMETS2 Dual Band Communications Hubs
  51. Evohome multi BDR91 setup, please help
  52. What is it with Heating Engineers and Evohome?
  53. Help with Evohome heating - hot water needs to be on for heating
  54. How Many On/Off per Day?
  55. Confused on Boiler Relay AND Hot Water CS92
  56. EvoHome how to have HW without CH?
  57. Heating not coming when it should
  58. Honeywell wireless thermostat for electric heater
  59. Opentherm Gateway, complete with configured OrangePi
  60. IFTTT down for Honeywell link
  61. RFBee + UARTBee which behaves like an HGI80 for monitoring Evohome
  62. Raspberry pi Weather Compensation Not Open Therm
  63. Actuator forgetting Blcoked status
  64. Evohome for 5 radiators and 2 underfloor zones
  65. Funny Zone Behaviour
  66. Ifttt
  67. Controlling Evohome from the App
  68. ATF300 Wanted
  69. Warranty process for HR92
  70. Adding Single UFH with own valve
  71. Nest vs Honeywell vs Hive
  72. Temp gets stuck in one room - help!
  73. Evohome controller positioning near a radiator
  74. Evohome: Adding HR92s to radiator circuit
  75. Intergas & Evohome
  76. EvoHome Schedule save / restore
  77. Old 'newbie' getting ready to install Evohome system
  78. Smart control of electric underfloor heating and radiators
  79. HR92 model numbers
  80. Evohome with Thermal store cylinder?
  81. Evohome firmware Beta Trial - Exclusive for Automated Home Members
  82. Might be of interest - A free tree
  83. Evo home old firmware
  84. EvoHome Beta - HW Priority Setting
  85. Evohome firmware Beta & OpenTherm
  86. Evohome & Opentherm
  87. EvoHome Beta - Confirmed bugs
  88. Manual override triggering by itself
  89. Honeywell HR92 LCD reversal
  90. Hr92 position
  91. An Alternative Perspective
  92. Replacing HR92 sensor with a Y87RF
  93. Air Source Heat Pump install
  94. Hr92 v other temperature source
  95. Evohome - Heating Off and Manual Override
  96. Hr92 Low Battery
  97. Face Plates - anyone got any spare?
  98. What setting for Summer?
  99. Evohome zones reset / renamed
  100. Mystery blank item in evohome app
  101. Heating Off - HR92 Behaviour
  102. Evohome - Heating requested by ghosts
  103. Min distance between two Evohome controllers
  104. Multi-room feature - some questions
  105. HomeKit
  106. Boiler setting when only DHW wanted
  107. Smart Control Help
  108. HR92/T87RF2033 "No Sync" Issue
  109. (UK) Vaillant + DHW cylinder + Evohome?
  110. Evohome Installation help
  111. Evohome low battery icon in zone
  112. New HR92 display Valve E2
  113. Honeywell, Resideo Contact Help Please
  114. HR92 Batteries
  115. evohome setting up in stages
  116. Evohome setup to incorporate a thermal store unit
  117. Fixed my HR92 !
  118. BDR91 spacing
  119. Evohome - phantom demand from Open Therm.
  120. Flakey dt92's - is there a good fix?
  121. All rads working with HR 92 EVOHOME bar one1!
  122. Firmware Released?
  123. New Install Help
  124. Evohome/HR92 battery notification
  125. Smart Fused Spurs
  126. Evohome Controller Lockup
  127. Evohome Home Controller Beep
  128. Evohome : opentherm compatibility problem with Navien combi
  129. Block on maximum temperature in one zone - limited to 22C
  130. Radiators with Evohome HR92 and Valencia valves warming when they shouldn't
  131. Radiators with Evohome HR92 and Valencia valves warming when they shouldn't
  132. fun with evohome and rfbee
  133. Evohome with multiple BDR91's, HR92's and UFH and NO boiler ?
  134. New Install - Banging Head Against The Wall - Hot Water Sensor!
  135. Automating electric water heater.
  136. Alexa and Evohome
  137. 49 and wrong temperature units on Control4 Comfort screens
  138. Heat Sink Radiator
  139. Will there Ever be HOMEKIT support on Evohome!!!
  140. Keeping the Zone Valve BDR91 open longer for UFH
  141. evohome Radiator HR92 Valve Broken
  142. Re link Google home with evohome?
  143. Evohome - which zone calling for boiler demand
  144. Help with a HR92
  145. Evohome SmartThings integration
  146. Evotouch + 3 hr92, different temperature
  147. Low Battery Notification Gremlin
  148. Boiler runs every 5 minutes since installing Evohome kit
  149. Evohome and electric underfloor
  150. Heat demand but low flow temperature
  151. Analyzing evohome RF protocol - actuator / relay demand
  152. Evohome setup questions
  153. BDR91 green LED on with no demand
  154. Evohome Firmware
  155. Evohome heat demand problem HCC80R
  156. Evohome in new house
  157. Do I need to get BDR91
  158. Combi Boiler with Evohome and Zone Valves for UFH/CH
  159. Bosch EasyControl + TRVs - Control unit location?
  160. Evohome Wiring Layout for Independent Zone Control
  161. evohome-listener - some questions
  162. A question for Evohome HCE80 users
  163. Differences between the BDR91 and HC60NG (R6660D) relay modules
  164. Analyzing evohome RF protocol - site survey
  165. HR92 valencia valves not available ¿alternatives?
  166. Boiler Temperature
  167. A daft mistake ...
  168. How do I change wifi network
  169. Evohome EU vs. UK compatibility
  170. CS92 Battery issue & HW rebinding after battery change?
  171. Multiroom - display on controller
  172. SOS Call Evo Home
  173. Evhome - wiring for Stored Hot Water and Zoned Heating
  174. Evohome/Heatmiser for electric UFH and towel rail
  175. Evo Home new install
  176. Why is my evohome controller beeping?
  177. Valve not shutting properly
  178. Evo Home HR91s all showing the same temperature
  179. Black or dark coloured HR92?
  180. New to Evohome and dissapointed
  181. Evohome overshoot and boiler control
  182. Wonder what happens to weather compensation
  183. Power stealing and OpenTherm gateway
  184. design zones with the underfloor heating controller
  185. Why is the setpoint way over the set temperature?
  186. Port Nest heat link wiring to BDR91
  187. Evohome versus Hive
  188. Using evohome_rf as a Python transport
  189. Straight BDR91 failure perhaps?
  190. Domoticz updated to use the actual DHW setpoint
  191. ECO quick action setting, lack of function
  192. Home Assistant - Scheduled Temperatures
  193. CS92 Strap on sensor
  194. Leaning towards Evohome but....
  195. New radiator without HR92UK not heating up...
  196. New home, mammoth Evohome install
  197. Evohome controller: Easter egg or something else
  198. Multi room and optimum start
  199. Evohome resetted after enrolling to beta with very old version
  200. Evotouch ambiant température is showing wrong ambiant / going in opposite direction
  201. How did I configure 2 heaters in the same "room" ?
  202. Drayton Wiser Radiator Thermostats On offer City Plumbing
  203. Drayton Wiser Opentherm option Boiler Compatibility
  204. Honeywell Home THR842DEU DT2R Thermostat,
  205. Evohome HR92 going between minimum and maximum setpoints (Solved)
  206. HR92 noisy after 3 years
  207. Loving all the new Beat features ..but...really missing selectable optimisation
  208. Disounts on Drayton Wiser kits...
  209. Evohome, to reset or not
  210. Free standing thermostat
  211. HR92s overriding schedule and setting to default 'OFF'
  212. Combi boilers to work with Evohome
  213. Evohome Xclusive 30 Domoticz - Should I get Intergas Gateway LAN2RF ?
  214. Zone activating when another zone is switched on
  215. Long delays from Evohome until BRD91 activates
  216. Danfoss RAS C2 & HR91's
  217. Starting with Evohome -questions
  218. Starting with Evohome -questions
  219. Help with S Plan 3 BDR91 Wiring
  220. Tiny info request - Evohome web client
  221. Single vs Multi - what is actually happening?
  222. My temperature settings seem to have changed
  223. Help! Wrong temperature reported by zone
  224. Evohome HR92 TRV having problems
  225. Evohome without TRV's
  226. Evohome app showing non existing zone
  227. Evohome controller not demanding heat in one zone (intermittently)
  228. Failed Zone Change
  229. Toggle desired VS actual temperature on Honeywell DTS92E1020
  230. ATF600 wall mount questions
  231. evohome HA clear_zone_override service
  232. Away temperature higher as schedule temperature
  233. Rfg100
  234. Public update to & how to check firmware version
  235. How to add a T87 to an existing system?
  236. Heating system in security mode "Error" because of EvoHome (T2 - T1 > delta max)
  237. Outside Air Temperature sensorfor Evohome
  238. Valencia valve leaks and types
  239. Wiser rooms and radiators
  240. Evohome - temperature dropping below the away value
  241. Monitoring overnight in cold weather - Conrad Connect
  242. HN40 - Radiator valve power supply, anyone ever use this?
  243. Advice please: 7 Zone UFH with Combi Boiler
  244. Vitodens 111-W DHW Control
  245. DT92E Protocol - battery status
  246. HR92 Remove from one zone add to another
  247. Is my single zone UFH setup correctly?
  248. Batteries for HR92s now Duracell Industrial batteries have been discontinued
  249. Help with an odd heating system...
  250. Batteries for HR92s now Duracell Industrial batteries have been discontinued