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  1. Hi Rameses,

    I trust that you are well. I need some help and advice please. I am contesting a recent Energy Performance Certificate for my property. In the energy efficiency assessment process, Evohome/Opentherm/HR92 zoning is being ignored as I am told that Honeywell has not submitted Evohome, or any of its other components, for Building Reseach Establishment (BRE) testing. Honeywell is not alone in this regard. I appreciate that Evohome is fully ErP compliant (Class 8 - 5% for my configuration) but the EPC system seems determined to ignore the information that is available in its energy performance assessment process.

    Do you know, has Evohome been inspected by the BRE or any other UK heating standards authority? I appreciate that the ErP information will have been lodged with the UK Office of Standards and Safety?


    Kind Regards,

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