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    Re: Homeseer MCE Plugin comes up with error

    Start homeseer normal program
    An log onto the web server
    click on setup i think
    Than there is a tab for server or something where in their you must select which addons you will install
  2. What cameras work with Homeseer. or doesn't it matter.

    CAn the pan and tilt cameras be used with this software
    normal video cameras or do you need IP cameras?

    Any info would be greatly app.


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    Homeseer MCE Plugin comes up with error

    It says 23/09/2005 2:17:20 PM - Error - Web Server Error 404, cannot serve file: C:\Program Files\HomeSeer 2\html/media_center
    The folder is there, but in properties it is Read Only and when i make...
  4. Re: I want an MCE Based program that controls C-Bus or cat5

    I want to install a nice package for the average user, where they can sit on their couch and use one remote in MCE and have music, tv, dvd and automation. so Homeseer can definetly control C-Bus and...
  5. I want an MCE Based program that controls C-Bus or cat5 syst

    I am just wonderng if there is a program that has an MCE plugin that controls the basic x-10, C-bus , Icontrol or any cat5 system. I need a system that can be used with new homes as well as...
  6. Can C-Bus work with any Media Centre bsed automation product

    I am looking for a Media Centre based program that will run lighting, power, security, temperature, voice activation and any relay controlled device that we decide to add to it. Is there any programs...
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