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  1. Re: Problem setting up a powermax plus alarm system

    I'd read all the installation manuals 3 times over if I were you. The number of setup options for powermax alarms is extensive and you need to read the manuals anyway so you can set the other options...
  2. Re: Interference with Wireless 802.11g Router?

    wireless routers do get interference from domestic appliances such as microwaves. Certainly the x10 cams and the router both work on the 2.4 GHz frequency, as do wireless alarms etc.
    TV transmitters...
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    Re: Computer Inteface CM12

    I had similar problems with a couple of CM12's too. The first ones went pop big tyle and triggered the RCD on my fuseboard - thereby switching off the fridge and freezer.

    Do not use the spare...
  4. Re: Alarm install (Visonic Powermax) and x10 electrics

    I'd be tempted to put all the kit into the cupboard leaving no sign of it. You can now get a remote keypad so you can arm/disarm without actually needing to get to the control panel. I only use the...
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    Re: Which Home Alarm?

    I fitted a Visonic alarm which I'm happy with. It's wireless except bell box.

    When I bought it the Pro version wasn't available, but still the only wiring needed was between the control panel and...
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