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    Shower Control / Power Sensing

    Good Evening All,

    I have come along on my Home automation since my last reply using the latest version of Home Assistant which is awesome I have several lights and power sockets now running with...
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    Thanks paulockenden for replying nice to finally...

    Thanks paulockenden for replying nice to finally see someone in the same area as me. Shame but I completely understand specially when security is involved.

    I am going to get started with home...
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    Anyone near East/West Sus***?

    Hi again everyone,

    I was wondering if there is anyone that lives in East Sus*** or near by? If you do would you be interested in letting me pop round so you can show off your home automation....
  4. Suddenly realised this should probably be in the...

    Suddenly realised this should probably be in the z-wave section of the forum sorry mods! Could one please move it if that is a more suitable place.
  5. First Light Switch - Help pretty please so lost!

    Good Evening Guys,

    I have my controller all setup ready to go (Home Assistant running on Raspberry pi with Aeontec USB Gen5) I have been messing around with non-zwave abilities of the system...
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    What dimmers to use for LED bulbs?

    Good Evening everyone,

    I am new to HA and just getting started. I have started with a Raspberry Pi running Home Assistant and a Aeontec Z-Stick. I will probably move up to something a bit...
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