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  1. Bosch EasyControl + TRVs - Control unit location?

    I'm planning on getting the Bosch EasyControl added to my new boiler.

    If all rads are controlled by smart TRVs, does the central unit still operate as a thermostat, or function just as the...
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    I have indeed proceeded with the project :-) ...

    I have indeed proceeded with the project :-)

    Eventually went for Z-Wave stuff, after a proof-of-concept (mainly to check range and responsiveness) with a couple of switches and back-end.
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    Lighting & curtain automation advice

    Looking for some advice and suggestions.

    We are due to have some major building work done (big extension) and taking the opportunity to “refresh” the rest of the house in terms of lighting,...
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    Advice on boiler temp setting

    I'm moving to having a thermostat in the house, and after advice on how the boiler temperature should be set.

    Up until now we've used the boiler temperate (plus on-time) to regulate the house...
  5. Lots of hot air from the manufacturers!

    Am I the only one to be getting very frustrated by the HA manufacturers?

    They seem to expel a tremendous amount of hot air about how good their products are and what they can do, but don't...
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    Re: Who wants Z-Wave? Put your hands up!

    I've been dabbling with a few X10 modules for the last 6 months or so and have been very disappointed by it's "clunky" nature and idiosyncratic operation. Fine 10 years ago, but really do deserve...
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