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    I have been using the system since before Christmas. I have found it to be very reliable and simple. Easy to set up and easy to track just what is happening. The logging system let's you see...
  2. Yet More on this Heating Problem


    thanks for that very informative answer.
    Having just run round the house I can only fine one V4043H installed ... in the airing cupboard, next to the hot water cylinder. Perhaps there is...
  3. More on this Heating Problem

    well I did look up the V4043H and it seems to be a simple 2-way motorized valve. SO, since it is only two way, how could I have setting on on the Honeywell controller for independent Hot Water...
  4. Thanks for that answer

    Wow ... I have to confess to being an IT guy and I really find the terminology of the heating world really baffling.
    However, to my muddled mind, this answer seems to give me some direction. The...
  5. What is going on?

    We recently had a Honeywell wireless controller and thermostat installed in our boiler system. It has worked well for months. Then we found that the boiler was coming on at night (sometimes) even...
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