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  1. Voxior Voice Control - New Features and Updates

    Dear AutomatedHome forum users,

    This is an official forum thread for the complete set of Voxior products.
    Voxior is a family of innovative products for smart home users:

    - Voice: voice...
  2. New Products and Gateway-Integrations from Voxior

    Dear AutomatedHome Users,

    We are happy to release some major news about the Voxior Platform.

    1. Voxior Link - Public Beta

    Voxior Link is a software installed on the Raspberry Pi device and...
  3. The synergy: bus-based solutions and the IoT. Bringing together the future of homes?

    Dear Smart Home users,

    We are starting this thread to open a debate with you guys.

    For the past few months, we were heavily engaged in multiple Smart Home forums, debating about technical...
  4. Voxior - Beta Program for Google Home Voice Assistant

    Dear Automated Home users,

    We are happy to announce that today we are launching a Beta Program for Google Home Voice Assistant.

    To be one of the first to try out this exciting new technology,...
  5. Voxior - Control your Smart Home with Amazon Alexa

    Voxior is a cloud service that connects Amazon Alexa accounts with a Smart Home Gateway such as the Gira HomeServer, Gira X1 or Loxone Miniserver. It uses the existing configuration on your gateway...
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