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    Re: ActiveHome Pro - intermittent problems

    Thanks for response, Mark,

    Further testing showed that it wasn't just the B code that exhibited the condition. It was any code I used at that location (my bedroom TV).

    I believe I have some...
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    ActiveHome Pro - intermittent problems

    I have one of the new ActiveHome Pro units (CM15A) and have found three problems so far, two of which are major.

    First, when I turn my computer on, a "B-1 ON" signal is transmitted during the POST...
  3. Re: New "freeware" X10 software under development

    I'm always interested in other examples of software such as this. I now have the new ActiveHome Pro unit (CM15A) and having some problems with it that I will post in anothed thread.

    But FYI, I...
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