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    Re: US DECT phones in UK

    Yes they do, I bought a Panasonic 5.8Ghz set last year as my EU DECT phones were having grief with my WLAN. Unit's have worked perfectly although I'm not sure of the legality in regards to the...
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    Which Home Alarm?

    Hi all,

    Need to sort out my house alarm, am fed up with paying 150 quid a year for some service contract, just so some spotty teenager can come 'round, enter a myesterious 4 digit code that I'm...
  3. Another one of those "I'm new here, where do I start&qu

    OK, I'll try and make this easy/interesting...

    Essentially I've got a duff house alarm that was professionally installed, the only thing that's wrong is the CPU (and the 200 quid a year...
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