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  1. Can’t seem to get a higher res version up. But...

    Can’t seem to get a higher res version up. But all it shows is the three history graphs for the different TRVs. Most show a smooth transition of various temperature, whereas the data points here are...
  2. Evo Home HR91s all showing the same temperature


    Just added some HR91s to my setup of otherwise HR92s / ATC928G3000. All binded happily enough, but then noticed they weren’t quite behaving.

    Bizarrely they’re all showing the same current...
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    EvoHome and existing single-zone wet UFH

    Hello all,

    We’ve inherited a system with a single-zone wet UFH system, along with a system boiler supplying standard rads and an unvented hot water setup.

    Am in the process of replacing the...
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