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  1. The perfect answer

    And that my friend is kind of the perfect answer.

    Something to replace the existing inline switch - so it can be used manually as it has for countless years, but can also be used smartly as will...
  2. mmmm it's one solution but far from perfect. ...

    mmmm it's one solution but far from perfect.

    1) Fibaro does not work directly with Amazon Echo / Alexa.
    Yes Fibaro works with the SmartThings hub and then Samsung’s SmartThings works with Alexa...
  3. Convert Existing Table lamp to dimmable smart lamp AND manual lamp


    We have a number of table lamps that we like, but would like to convert them to smart lights.
    Now sure, we can just swap the bulb for a smart bulb.

    The downside, according to my wife, is...
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