To me the Abitana, Lexcom, Single point systems just don't stack up, you can easily run 4 cat5 and a Coax to each point for the same price. What if you want Sky HD in the future - you'll probably need to put the sky box local to the TV and the ONLY choice here is good quality WF100 coax.

I do this for a living and my standard install is 4 x Cat5 and a minimum of 1 Coax to each point where a TV is likely to be used. Coax can be used for a basic cheap UHF distro or to get Sat box in a room, one Cat 5 can send Composite + Audio + IR, one can be used for Data or phone (Sat box or MCE PC) and the remaining two could be used for HDMI (boxes now exist for sending HDCP compatable HDMI signals over Cat5) To me this is about as future proof as you can get. Abitana, Lexcom, etc. won't do this.

As for the Hub end - good old 19" rack is the best if you can hide it, or look at Home Network Science for a wall mounted box or Leviton if you can recess it.

Happy to give you a quote or more advice

HTH Nick