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Thread: CAT5e patch panel choice

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    Default CAT5e patch panel choice

    Need to get hold of a few 16 way patch panels.

    First off thought I would use 16 way, to make cabling a bit easier than 24 way (assume nobody would disagree with that ?)

    Looking around I see CAT5e patch panels conforming to standard T568.B for 14.95 (and plenty for around 17 - networkcables) ... same outlet (Mills) also sell the Bessac make which are twice the price 29
    Is there any point in spending twice the money ? if they both conform to same standard.

    If somebody knows of a better supplier for CAT5e panels then pray tell.

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    Default Re: CAT5e patch panel choice

    Unless you want 16-way for a specific application, I'd always go with 24-way as it gives you the most sockets per "U" of rack height.

    I haven't followed the links you posted, but what you may get with the more expensive panels is better cable management on the rear of the panel.

    I've got a couple of panels where the reverse is just a series of punchdown terminals and a few loops for cable ties. They're fine, but you just need a bit more care when dressing the cables out.

    Some other panels have a plate that extends horizontally towards the rear of the rack to which you can cable-tie individual cables, like this

    eBay usually has a good selection, but if you can get brand new for ~15 then that sounds like a good price to me :-)



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