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Thread: Radiator problem

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    Default Radiator problem


    I live in a semi-house which has just had all new rads put in. All rads (upstairs and down) are very hot to the touch, apart from one which has some heat, but is virtualy cold.

    My boiler is a Potterton Suprima less than 1 year old and is located in the kitchen. The cold rad is located in the hallway (which is quite large and b****y cold). The inflow/ outlow valves are now fully opened on it, and I've tried fiddling about with them to different settings, but the rad is still cold.

    I've also bled the rad and all air has been taken out.

    The odd thing is the inflow pipe is very hot, and when I syphon the inflow the water comming out is hot. The outflow pipe is cold.

    It seems to me, the hot water is not being pulled through the rad from the inflow pipe, as if there's a blockage? But the fittings and rad are all new!

    Any ideas? please can you help? Many thanks
    Richard :cry:

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    Default Re: Radiator problem

    Have you tried turning all your other rads off, and leaving the dodgy one on does it now get hot. Then gradually turn all the others on. Then after about an hour or so is it still hot. Where in the heating circuit is this rad is it the last one before going back to the boiler.
    You may want to try and balance your system.

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    Default Re: Radiator problem

    Radiators usually have lockshield valves at each end, like these: and scroll down to the three pictures.

    However only one of the caps fitted to these valves actually operates the valve itself. The other cap just spins round. To open that valve you need to pull the plastic cap off the top and use an adjustable spanner or pliers to manually turn the valve underneath. The bit you need to turn is pointing directly upwards in the previous pictures.

    NOTE: before you try to pull the cover off, check that it really is a lockshield valve and not a thermostatic valve :-)

    There's quite a good guide to radiator balancing on this page:

    If the lockshield valves *are* open then it does sound like you have a blockage - maybe some packaging material that wasn't fully removed during the installation?



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