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Thread: Air Pressure Switch problem?

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    Default Air Pressure Switch problem?

    Hi -

    Hoping someone can point us in the right direction!

    I have a Ravenheat RSF82ET. Had a problem of no hot water of heating for about 2 weeks now - had one plumber in who said it was the pcb. Purchased and installed a new one - and, uh-oh, it didn't make a difference.

    My cousin came to look at it (who installed it). He blew into a pipe off of the air pressure switch - and yipee - it all worked again, but was short lived.

    So - when it happened again my partner did the same thing. We turned the heating off and on again a number of times, and it all fired on okay.

    So we left it on for a period and during this time - the fan has stopped running again.

    We have now soaked some water out of the auto air vent valve (should it have water in it??) - and have blown through the tube again and it's working - but in readiness for it cutting out - anyone have any ideas what this problem could actually be ??

    Thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: Air Pressure Switch problem?

    the ravenheat 82 & 84 had a bad batch of air pressure switches, thousands have been changed,

    but another common fault is the hot water thermistor, if you take off the front panel its the one on the right, again thousands have been changed,

    otherwise there not a bad boiler.

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