With the advent of Adsl I how have a router as well as 2 Hubs (1x8 port and 1x4 port) on my network. I have simply added the router, for set up purposes, as a node on the exsisting 8 port hub. I didn't have to make any adjustments like uplink port, as I did when linking the two hubs.
I intended to put my office compters (2) directly into the router, using 1 router port to link to the 8 port hub leaving the spare router port for the laptop when in the office. This would free up ports on the 8 port hub.
However it occours to me that it might be better practice to patch both hubs off the Router.

All PCs ( 8 ) require access to the internet via the router and Homeseer web pages on the HA server which is on the 8 port hub. I have one ip and the router does the Nat/firewall/DCHP stuff.

Any thoughts/advice/warnings about how I should set up?