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Thread: lights turning on by themselves

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    Default Re: lights turning on by themselves

    Quote Originally Posted by toscal
    Have you tried a whole house X10 filter such as an FD10. This will prevent X10 signals from entering or leaving the house. It also filters out any noise around the 120 KHz, which is the frequency X10 uses.
    No, I have not tried yet. I am thinking about it - but you know, I have to be sure it would help... I do not want to throw (GBP26 + postage) to the garbage bin...

    Something else to think about is you may have an applianc
    e causing noise. Try unplugging things like washing machine etc.
    Can they cause noice when they are turned off (in the middle of the night)? Well, I'll try (though it is not going to be easy - many kitchen appliances are built-in...)

    Also check your consumer unit there could be a loose connection, you might want an electrician to do this one.
    Ghm... It really might be the case. The problems started around the time electrician last time fixed wiring... Though not immediately after that event.

    What else, try disabling all modules except one then gradually put the others back one at a time.
    I tried to find an easy way to disable LW10 wall switch module... It seems the only way is to unwire it altogether...

    This is where an X10 data logger comes in handy, these measure X10 signal strength and the noise you have on the mains.
    Yes! I think I really need it! Do not you remember the name of such module/tool? Is it expensive?

    Thanks for your ideas, they are definitely a good food for thought...

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    Default Re: lights turning on by themselves

    There are 2 types of X10 diagnostics equipment available that I know of. One of them is very expensive and the other not as expensive.
    The cheaper one is an X10 Transmitter, and X10 Signal Strength Meter. This is 2 units one is an X10 transmitter and the other measures the strength of the signal. Its quite basic Lets Automate actually offer a rental service for this device which is a good idea
    The other is really only for installers and costs 700 euros. or you can get a similar device, its actually the same but has different buttons on it. From Act-solutions
    I got mine from ACT for about 300 dollars including shipping. And its excellent. I guess this might be a little too expensive for most people.
    But since Lets automate can rent an X10 signal strength meter for about 7.50 pounds for a week this might be a better option for you.

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    Default Re: lights turning on by themselves

    Quote Originally Posted by Dazman
    Then what it is? Can several light modules (4!) become faulty simultaneously?
    Hmmm yes I see your point, 4 modules becoming faulty at the same time it doubtful. But they could be from the same production batch. But as you suspect, unlikely.

    As for a noise source from other appliances, your fridge & freezer are on 24hours a day. These contain devices that can sometimes emit noise.
    Although I don't suggest you unplug your fridge for 24 hours !

    A tropical fish tank can sometimes cause noise if you have one.

    Lets automate sell an appliance filter.
    They provide a cure or return service. If is doesn't fix the problem you can send it back.

    Hope this helps.


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    Default Re: lights turning on by themselves

    Could the noise be from the central heating ? Try leaving heating off overnight.

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