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    please help, i have just had a new radiator and gloworm 38cxi system fitted but have the occassional problem with a noise that sends a shudder threw our home, it sounds like steel drum banging a deep tune and only comes from the boiler.
    the problem accurs when either hot water is called for or the heating is on, its not all the time but every 5-10 min and the noise goes for longer the longer the heating is on, i have been told it could be ait but i have bled the rads again and again but no air is released, the 3 way valve has been mentioned but its a new system, (surly not)?
    please can some1 help is making my 15mth old cry when she hears it

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    Default Re: noisy system

    is the case loose?

    have you got thermostatic valves on all the rads?

    how hot are the rads and hot water?

    do all the pipes off the boiler go down?

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