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    Installed electric gates about six months ago. Put a 'drainage' conduit into the motor housing which sits beneath the gates but this is proving ineffective. Would like to introduce some kind of absorbent pack but are silica gel packs the way to go or is there something more suitable?

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    Hi Kipper,

    Ineffective because the tube gets blocked, or because the collected water doesn't find its way into the tube?

    My first thought (without knowing any further details ;-))would be to improve the drainage through the tube you already have.
    It is recommended that pop-up sprinklers they sit on a bed of fine gravel/pea shingle so that water draining from them doesn't collect around the sprinkler and freeze up. Maybe you could arrange a similar "soak-away" bed at the end of your drainage tube? It wouldn't need to be too large.

    Have you had problems, or just trying to pre-empt future issues?

    Silica gel bags aren't the greatest solution for "free" water. They're good for humid environments but I think you'll be replacing them very quickly if the motor housing is filling up with water. Nappies or sanitary towels might be an option - "Tesco Value" for economy :-)

    Got any pictures of the motor housing you could post here?



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