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Thread: Wiring a house...

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    Default Wiring a house...

    So, my house is going through some major renovations atm and I am totally re-wiring it.

    Just wondering really if anything has been left out.

    For each room the following have been run so far :

    1 x CT125 tv cable - run to a corner of each room room
    4 (minimum) x cat5e per room - run to corners
    2 x ceiling speaker cables
    1 x shielded cat5e to the ceiling for 360' pir & room ir sensor (into Comfort alarm system)
    pink CBus cat5 cable to wall switch
    pink CBus cat5 to ceiling for light sensor

    All of which run to a small room (node-zero).

    The lounge is slightly different. It also has the following running to a corner from node zero.

    4 x ct125 running to node zero
    8 x cat5e

    A cabinet is going to be built here in the lounge to enclose media pc, sat boxes, hifi etc. Due to the fact that the lounge is about 30m from node zero, I have decided to locate the media center pc, sat boxes etc in the lounge. Cabling is then made simpler and a whole lot cheaper.

    In the lounge there is going to be a pelmet around the edges of the ceiling. This going to have downlighter spots (white), side lighters (coloured) and hold the majority of the cables coming in from node zero and running back and to from the projector to the corner where all the hifi etc equipment is located.

    What I have planned is :

    speaker cables for a 7.1 system in the walls
    cables for lcd flat screen
    cables for projector
    cables for motorised screen

    For the projector which is about 8-10m from the corner of the lounge:

    1 x hdmi cable
    2 x cat5e (for serial or whatever)
    1 x svideo cable
    1 x set of component cables
    1 x rgb cable

    Same for the lcd which is about 3m from the corner of the lounge.

    1 x hdmi cable
    2 x cat5e (for serial or whatever)
    1 x svideo cable
    1 x set of component cables
    1 x rgb cable

    Some more general info .....

    I am hoping to get a Panasonic AE1000 or something similar as a projector in the lounge.

    Most rooms have 4 cat5's. Two into oposite corners. It will hopefully give me flexibilty in the future so that I dont need cables trailing around the corners of the room

    I have run two feeds of digital coax down from a gable on the house (where the sat dish would sit) and into the node zero room. 2 of the 4 coax's running to the node zero from the lounge would then bring the sat signal from there into the lounge and then into the sat boxes. A terestrial feed would come in on the 3rd of the 4 coax's and then an RF signal sent back to the node zero to feed the rooms in the rest of the house via an rf amp/splitter.

    I am going to be using xantech IR receivers/blasters/senders over cat5 so that a remote control upstairs in the other rooms can control the components in the lounge / node zero.

    So thats about it. If I have missed anything or should change anything let me know.



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    Default Re: Wiring a house...

    Have you looked at either Abitana or Lexcom by SquareD. Both of these structured wiring systems would do away with the need of having to have coax for TV. Unless its used to distribute signals directly from the LNB of a satellite dish.
    Not to sure about the Lexcom system, but with the Abitana system you possibly wouldn't need the Xantech system. As it has its own built in IR bus. Plus you can have your DVD player etc. as an extra tv channel if you want or distribute it as a CVBS plus Stereo signal (normaly via a scart). Abitana now also do a High Definition Component Video + S/PDIF Audio adapter. At present this is only for a point to point set up.
    If you give us more info about what you want out of your planned system then we can say if what you have is OK.

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