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Thread: Motion Sensor placement

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    Default Motion Sensor placement


    Does anyone have any adivce or link to sites with guides on placing Motion sensors, in particular the x10 MS13 ones.

    I'm interested in things like range, best placement in a room etc.


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    Default Re: Motion Sensor placement

    Keep them away from heat sources such as rads. So don't place them above or near them as this creates like a heat curtain and reduces their effectiveness. Also keep away from curtains, as this can cause false alarms. Some trial and error maybe needed as often is the case the ideal location sometimes isn't the most practical.
    The detection range of the MS13 I think is about 5 to 12m. In practice when you've mounted it at a height of about 2m the detection range is 5 to 6m max. Mounted at a height of about 1.5m the range increases to about 8m. These ranges are for the detectors mounted outside.

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    Default Re: Motion Sensor placement

    In smaller rooms like bathrooms and toilets etc. I have found that mounting them on the ceilings is effective and out of sight.

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